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Put my system together stock 3dmark score inside

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well u arent running the whole 3dmark. for one thing gotta do all tests for a legit score.but looks liek its gonna be killer whne ya do.go oc both the cpu and 9700 and kick some intel butt for us!

http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=4842934 is my compare to yours. not bad with a 440mx :) acually a couple of em i was chewing on your heels! lol

oc em and u will crush mine further!
ok well, i dont no if as3 needs to set in but wtf im getting 52c loard no o/c and board temps are ~ 40c.... ive got 3 Tt smart fan 2's in my case...
what is your vcore set at? should be 1.5 i think.
might wanna take the hs off and redo it and see it reseats better.

sumthings wrong. tho im at 2004 mhz at 1.775v and 45c@load. my hs isnt that much better.
How do you do just the game benchies? I keep wondering how people cheat on 3dmark, one guy said he was cheating right in the score details, and I thought it was by only doing the first few tests.
on the left side just click change under tests and un-slect the games u dont want
dude, you can OC that radeon and prolly squeeze at least 1000, if not 1200 more 3dmarks, and without additional cooling.

If that were the case, then you might have to OC about 300-400 mhz on the processor to get to 15000......at least in my experience as to how much processors count in the benchmark. My upgrade from Athlon 1 gig to AXP 1600+ gained me about 1000 3d marks, so you might have to squeeze 400 mhz outta that processor to reach 15, lol...unless the 9700 gives you more than I think it will.
no... i dont think thats the case... i upped the fsb and lowerd the multipler a difference of 15 mhz and i gained 1.2k... so when i get it back im gonna do 13x180 like someone said and ill hit 15k if not 16k and its running rock stable and ive got nothing to hold me back seeing that my ram is xms pc3500 cas 2 (i like saying that:D)