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RAID-0 & Partitions

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Oct 6, 2002
I'm going to setup 2x 60GB Maxtor drives. I was thinking, can you make more than one partition? Like when setting up WinXP Pro? Cause I reformat & install WinXP every few weeks - cause it gets a bit slow after a while! So I'd like to make two partitions, 20GB a 100GB for backup stuff. So everytime I just format the 20GB partition!


Jan 31, 2002
NeoN068 said:
Ok... i need to understand 1 thing... If you raid 2 80GB hds.. then you get 160GB with RAID 0 right?

it like 150GB or somthing like that because HDD manufactors caculate space different but yeah it would be therotically 160GB :D


Cisco Kid

Senior Member
Jan 13, 2001
and with raid 0 I have to lose everything I have on a current drive once I add the new drive and want to set up raid 0 correct?

Cause I may add anbother 60 giger maxtor to my current one or just go 2 new WD 8 mb cache drives, cause I have so much stuff on my 60 like all my emails, how can I save all the messages, how can I export if I am only using Outlook express??

This would incline me to just get anotehr 60 if I can retain all my emails.

cisco kid