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Torin3's GTX 1080 Ti (FE)

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Dec 25, 2004
I'm a slave to new hardware.

I couldn't turn down the thought of another 1 million PPD.

So it should arrive tomorrow. Probably going to need an update in GPUS.txt from Stanford before it can fold though. I remember this from last time.

And I'm not all that happy with the FE cooling but it will do. I'm going to put them on an elevated rack and a 16x riser cable.

At least for my 1070, I going to try and do the step-up to a 3-fan version of the TI.

So, Hi! I'm Torin3 and I'm a hardware addict!
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So, Hi! I'm Torin3 and I'm a hardware addict!

Hi Torin3!

Let me know how it turns out. I am itching to upgrade the motherboard in my server computer to add another folding GPU. This card is cheaper than buying another Titan X P...but I still think the Titan will beat it for PPD...by a little bit.

Let me know how the overclocking goes. I could get my Titan X P cards to 1900 MHz on the stock air cooler...at 78 C for the GPU with the fan at 100%. When I did my Hybrid mod, I was able to overclock at 2100 MHz at under 45 C (and MUCH quieter). As the 1080 Ti has the same TDP as the Titan X P, I would expect similar results for the stock cooler.

EVGA is planning on releasing a 1080 Ti hybrid kit. I'm pretty sure it will work for the FE card.
This may be fun:

Welcome to EVGA Web Chat. You are now being assisted by Andrew A.

Hello, how can I assist you today?


A couple minutes after the new 1080 TI's came out, I place and order for 1. I completed the order with no fatal errors (I had one notice where it had a problem due to the wrong month for the credit card, but after the right month was entered, it continued on). However now, I have no open orders showing, and no new completed orders either. What happened?

Andrew A
According to my records the order was not placed


I got a total of 759.89 for overnight shipping when it was done.
 Read

Andrew A
I apologize I typed the wrong information on the records page

It shows that the order went though and is currently waiting to be verified


When is something likely to show up on my account to verify it?

Edit: They gave me an 800 number to call to verify the order.

800 guy told me the chat guy lied to me. No order went through.
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Got my FE GTX 1080 Ti sort of folding at the moment, well probably....

FAH 7.4.4 on windows 10 64-bit would not add the GTX 1080 Ti. So I decided to fold on a GTX 970 until this got sorted, however FAH decided to say it was folding on the 970, but use the 1080 Ti:


Although from MSI Afterburner you can see its the GTX 1080 Ti folding:


With a slight overclock. :D

Additionally after a while the card has dropped down to 74% power with a PPD of ~773K.

Hopefully just a GPUs.txt issue that can be sorted. :screwy:

The dips were me trying other oc's.

+280 froze the computer completely.
between +230 and +260 the computer would briefly freeze. The higher the more often.
my 980 runs at 83% making its proper 400,000 and my 1060 runs at 65% making it's proper high 300,000 I think the tree you're barking up holds no cats.
Ok, to make it so this thread won't be totally useless and/or off track, I went ahead and back-ordered an EVGA TI from Newegg. They are saying 5-7 days to ship. Assuming that is boilerplate, I'm actually expecting it to arrive sometime next week.

I may go for the extended warranty so I can step it up to a 3 fan FTW down the road.

- - - Updated - - -

I have 2 cats :rofl:

Piker. I have 6, soon to be 7. (Friend in Texas is getting a divorce and will be moving in with my wife and me next week, and has a cat.