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Tt Gorbs. MIRACLE air cooling.

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Dec 20, 2000
i LOVE this thing!! from 37c under full load with my Stock intel heatsink + fan on my cel 400@570 to 27!! what a sweat deal! most worth-while 30 bucks i ever spent!
Sure, a Gorb is better than the stock fan, but it doesn't even come near the performance you see with an Alpha or Global Win hsf.

But considering it's low cost, it's an ok cooler. Heck, I even use one on my P3, mostly because I can't seem to decide between getting a PEP66 or a FOP32-1... :)
I have a strong dislike for the orbs.. At 5800rpm, that's gotta be fairly loud.. When we're talking heatsinks though, money isn't a large issue for me, so I look at it as you're paying with the noise level. I have my own little noise/performance formula type deal.. At any rate, the orbs offer far too little performance for far too much noise. Now, some other even louder heatsinks I don't diss as much cuz they offer incredibly cooling.. I just think the orbs suffer a bad design.
You paid $30 for and orb. Sorry man but you got ripped I paid $16 for the orb sitting on my closet shelf and $30 for the Global Win that is cooling my CPU
I paid $12.99ea for the two in my drawer that have never been out of the box. I paid $32ea for the 2 Alpha PEP66s I have on my VP6, and the one on my BF6.

If the gorb works for you that's great- but there are a lot of us who have had lousy results with them. Never had lousy results with Alpha or Global Win though.