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What pump do you use?

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Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
Was wondering a few things...
What pump do you use?
Were did you get it?
How may GPH or LPR does it pump?
Radiator or Water Tower?
What is the max hight your pump has to pump?

I am looking at some RIO models right now that i will have to order online...
but i still want to find a local shop that sells somethings so....
Still am open to ideas.
Any Info would be great thanx
Danner 700 which pumps 6 feet to the top of the cooling tower and through a Maze 2 block. In the cooler weather it goes through a Cooling Cube instead of the tower.

DON'T buy a Rio. Myself and many others have had bad luck with them. Stick with a Danner or Eheim.
Just got my pump
a Hagen Powerhead 400Gallons per hour so...

thanks for the input though
I've got a Rio 200 inline.
I got it from Tom Leufkens
It's 200GPH
The pump only sits about 6 or 7" lower then the block, And has a total of about 8ft of hose all gether.
I use a 12" X 5" X 3\4" Radiator.

I will be getting everything shortened up and mounted in my case when I get some spare time. I still pretty well have everything just sort of lying around like I have for the last month or so. The rad is mounted under my desk and the pump sits underneath it on top of my Subwoofer.
I have a MAXIJET 1200 that pumps 295 GPH. Max height it has to pump is about 15 inches. Mine is a typical water cooling setup with resoviore. I am still building the system so I can't comment on performance just yet. I should have it up in the next week. I'm working on a write up as I go so hopefully it will be published on oc.com.