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Where to start with the overclocking

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Nov 25, 2005
Ok so i am looking to oc my pc which is a p4 3.2 Presscot and want to know exactly where to start...I literally need this on a step by step thing so If anyone out there is kind enuff or has teh patience to go through the whole process with me, this would be much appreciated...

Just get me off the ground with what i need to do first..

Much appreciated :cool:


Jun 5, 2005
I'd start by reading and understanding this sticky. http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=263753

OCing on intel basically consists of increasing the fsb by 5 or 10 mhz at a time, making testing that it's stable (prime95 usually) or a little while then repeat until unstable. Then, increasing the voltage slightly and repeating from the beginning.

You need to make sure your chip has adequate cooling, otherwise it will severely limit your overclock, a voltage increase will also increase the amount of heat it produces and running extra voltage through your chip can and will decrease the life of the cpu.

How much? Depends and if it's not too much of a voltage increase it shouldn't do it by a significant amount.

Good Luck! :)