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Which slot 1 cpu to overclock?

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Mar 19, 2001
Sedro Woolley, WA.
I have three old CPU's a PII 300/66 that I just got from William
a PII 350/100 and a PIII 450/100 Katami which one would be the best overclocker? I have a new to me Abit BE-6 and I'm ready to start o/cing :D Any feedback would be appreciated.
The P-II 300 can go up to 450
The P-III 450 can go up to 540-600 tops
The P-II 350 is your last option (not a good o\cer) up to 450

All the above are average values and they depend on varius settings and issues.

Still best performance...you could have from the Katmai @600
if you will be able to reach that.

Good cooling for those chips,cause they have 2+ vcore

Good luck
I would go with the PIII-450, with a little luck, you may be able to hit 133 FSB, a 600. And it has SSE instructions that the P2's dont have.

next I would go with the PII-350. It has a faster FSB, So you Mhz will be fater than is you used the P-II 300. Also the 350 is the dechutes core, built on a smaller process, and uses only 2.0 V and not 2.8 like the 300.

I never found cooling my P2 a problem at all.
VERY easy to keep it in the mid 40's under full load.
Keep your eye on the Katmai though. At high FSB's their L2 cache will crap out, thus the chip not being useful.
the P2's have that same problem as the P3's......
they (P2 and P3) overclock alot high in "celeron mode"... but a few extra MHz is not worth dissabling you L2 cache
you shouldnt have any proplems with your L2 chace when running at 112FSB, it would be 124 and up when the chache would most likly start to act up....
And if the cahce was the problem, you would know withen the 1st min of being in windows