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will K7VIA boot with pci video card???

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Mar 5, 2002
hello folks newbie here.trying to get a k7via together. a simple question...can my k7via boot with a pci video card if i dont have a agp card available? thz
I'm not familiar with that particular board, but I've never heard of a board that wouldn't. So, I'd say yes.
thz repo1

i am in the process of putting togather system with the k7via and it has a agp slot...this is my 1st agp slot board and after having read some prev post getting that slot filled is priority to getting the board to boot...my agp card is on order and i have access to a local low end across the counter agp pci card until the kyro 2 gets here(snail mail money order procedure). i was thinking about getting the cheap pci agp as a quick standin and backup. thx again :)

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It will boot with AGP or PCI,
The BIOS detects whichever..

However..if you goto use 2 cards PCi and AGP for dual monitor, you will have to set "Vid Intle" or whatever it is to AGP before you insert the PCi vid card, other wise it will boot off the PCI card as teh default card.

I have the same board for my MP3 machine, I have used a V3 and Nvidia Rivia TNT in it at the same time, But the V3 died on me...

So yes, it will boot err post with a PCI or AGP vid card.