Get Less and Pay More . . .

AMD talked a bit more about their K8L architecture, but all anybody reading this needs to know right now is that it’s about a year away

We’ve talked about what may happen in the overall market over the course of the next year, but today, we’d like to ask how many of you think you’ll buy an AM2 system before K8L comes out.

Before you answer that question, assume that the average overclocked Conroe will do on average about 10%-15% better than the average overclocked AM2 system.

I’m primarily interested in seeing who will buy from AMD now, but I wouldn’t mind hearing from those who plan to sit on their wallets until K8L, or buy Conroe. I’d also be curious to know from the wallet sitters if they could be persuaded with lower prices, I’d like to hear from you, too.

The address is below.

P.S. We got a lot of responses to our question about the AGEIA card and spending money. We plan to talk about that tomorrow.


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