GIGABYTE Launches Z77X-UP7 Overclocking Motherboard

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Coming just days after ASRock’s announcement, GIGABYTE has released their very own overclocking motherboard with all the bells and whistles. The Z77X-UP7 (like UD7 before it), was built for overclocking from the ground up. Though we will certainly be testing this board in the near future, it warrants an all-access preview to build suspense.


Features Overview

Power Delivery

The GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 boasts the i7 3770k world record of 7.102 GHz, which means it must be suited for overcloking, right? In terms of sheer power, this board features the most robust power delivery system I have ever seen, a 32+3+2 phase design. This should allow for consistent and strong power delivery across the components, namely the CPU. The one downside looks like it might be challenging to insulate the socket area, but I guess all those phases have to go somewhere.

32 Power Phase Design (Courtesy GIGABYTE)

The UP7 features Ultra Durable 5 technology, designed to give cool and efficient performance. This basically means GIGABYTE used high-quality components, but practically speaking a good example are the MOSFETS, which feature additional pins helping to keep them running at lower temperatures. Last but not least is the digital PWM design, which tends to come standard on high-end overclocking boards these days.

Onboard Overclocking Features

In addition to solid UEFI BIOS, users have the ability to flip a switch to toggle between BIOS. Failed flash? Bad settings? The BIOS switching feature will definitely be a time saver for many overclockers. Buttons on the PCB offers users the ability to adjust BCLK and CPU ratio in real-time while in BIOS, Windows or anything else. No reboot necessary. The board also has onboard voltage measurement areas and an LN2 mode, which drops the multiplier to 16x temporarily while getting benching applications set up.

Onboard Overclocking Features (Courtesy GIGABYTE)

Wrapping Up

This board sounds like it could be a winner for those searching for the ultimate solution when it comes to overclocking, whether sub-zero, water cooling or even air. And if you have any money left over after purchasing the 3770k and the high-end board, grab four video cards because this board is capable of quad-SLI or CrossFireX at 8x (or single 16x direct link, bypassing the PLX chip, for optimal performance). We definitely looking forward to checking out the Z77X-UP7 and see how it compares directly to high-end ASUS and ASRock overclocking offerings.

For more information and photos visit: GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 microsite

Stay tuned for our review of the board in a few weeks!

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