Good For The Goose, Good For The Gander . . .

Since we’ve pounded AMD plenty when they make technically accurate but misleading statement, it’s only fair to whack Intel when they do the same.

The other day, indicated that Penryn Yorkfields would be delayed four to six weeks from the expected January 20 launch.

Tech Report picked up on that story and asked some PR guy at Intel about it:

The response was disappointing:

“45nm Core 2 Quad launch is planned for Q1’08, and we are still on track for that. We can’t comment on web speculation.”

As Tech Report properly pointed out, this is not a denial. The Intel statement is just as true if the story is accurate as if it is not.

A real denial of the story would have looked like this:

“The story is untrue. There is no bug that affects Yorkfields, and there will be no delays.”

There, was that so hard? Only if that isn’t the case.

Of course, Intel has the same problem AMD has with its quads, there are some out there already, and Intel planned on getting even more out there in the next few months.

It’s possible that this is a “no big deal” type of bug, but then Intel should have explained this in considerable detail, or at least said they would do so shortly.

Issuing a non-denial denial just leads anyone with half a brain in their heads to assume the worst and stay away from the product until there’s a fix, a real explanation, or a real denial.

Perhaps more importantly, this non-denial denial gives aid and comfort to the AMDers. Just when the competition is on the ropes due in large part to uhhh . . . creative use of language, what does this Blue boob do? The same thing!

This gives the beleagured AMDers and supporters the chance to counterattack, no doubt remind people of the 820 chipset denials, even the old Pentium bug and say, “See, they do the same when they’re in trouble. They’re no better than us!”

And do you know what? They’re right.


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