Happy Val . . .

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Happy Val . . .

Wait a minute, Ed, you sexist pig. This
could be interpreted as hitting on women.

Happy Val . . .

Besides, Ed, just how many women do you think are reading this?
The vast majority of your audience is male. Why are you singling out
women for special treatment? Isn’t that discriminatory?

If you’re going to hit on your audience, don’t
you have to hit on all of them, just to be fair?

You don’t want to
hit on the men? What kind of homophobe are you? You don’t think most of
the men want you hitting on them, either? What kind of homophobes are they, and why are you pandering to their bias?

You don’t want to hit on anybody? Are you sexually repressed? Are you anti-social? Or are you just trying to impose your morality on everyone else?

Happy Val . . .

Oh, think you’re going to get off the hook by wishing that others have
a happy day with each other? What if they don’t have a significant
other? Just imagine the pain and anguish reminding them of this lack will cause them.

Happy Val . . .

Ed, you religious bigot!! Saint Valentine is a Catholic saint. What about other Christians
who don’t believe in saints? How dare you insult the Muslims and the Buddhists, never mind the atheists and
agnostics, with this covert religious propaganda?

Happy Val . . .

Ed, you racist! If this guy Valentine even existed, he was a white guy. In the middle of Black History Month, how
dare you suggest that only white men did anything of historical importance on this day? You couldn’t find anything people of color did that day? Perpetuating Eurocentric historical bigotry, that’s all it is.

On this day, native Hawaiians gloriously defended themselves against that fascist Captain Cook, only to be mercifully slaughtered afterwards by that vanguard of British imperialism, but you don’t
mention that, now do you?

What did Valentine do anyway, get killed? Oh,
when white people get killed, they get a holiday, but when people of color get martyred by slavery or colonization or American military imperialism, that just
gets swept under the rug, doesn’t it?

Happy Val . . .

You say this day is a secular holiday in America? America? Yet another
example of American cultural imperialism. Further oppressing the oppressed
peoples of the world into buying Hallmark cards and candy when they have no food, and
leaving them weak and helpless before the American war machine.

Valentine’s Day is merely a tool of corporate capitalism to keep the poor and disadvantaged in their
place by making them worry about giving and getting chocolates and flowers and cards when they should be
making the powerful giving them the equal economic rights they’re entitled to.

Happy Val . . .

Ed, you destroyer of the earth! St. Valentine’s Day is no holiday for the other inhabitants of our planet.
It is a day of mass genocide for billions and billions of flowers, a day of doom.

Ask the cows or the cocoa plants about the oppression
they must suffer just so someone can stuff unhealthy chocolates inside them this day.

Happy Val . . .

How dare you insult those who already know what day it is by implying that they need
to be reminded? How dare you insult those who don’t by pointing out their mental challenge?

Happy Val . . .

What about the descendants of those killed in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929? How do you think
they feel about being reminded of that day?

If that’s ancient history to you, what about the bombing of Dresden, the source of all those AMD processors, which started this day? Think
it’s a happy day for the survivors of that, Ed, you insensitive lout?

Happy Val . . .

We come here for computer news. How dare you talk about such irrelevancies? On this date in 1946, ENIAC was introduced. Now that’s important!!!
But do you mention that? Nooooooooooo.

Never Mind

(from somebody who once got a “F— you” for saying “Merry Christmas” in a forum a few years back)

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