Help Win the HWBOT 2016 Team Cup

Calling all members! Here’s your chance to do a little benchmarking and help the benching team push for first. You may think ,”I’m not a bencher” or “my hardware is too old” but that doesn’t apply here. The team cup has such a large variety of hardware that just about anyone can help, no liquid nitrogen required.

HWbot hosts a yearly competition called the Team Cup. This competition calls for a wide variety of hardware ranging from antique to modern. Even cellphones and tablets can be used! This is great but also in a way makes it very difficult. Having all the necessary hardware is nearly impossible for our team, so I’m calling on all members of to help out if you can. Below, I’ll include the list of benches and hardware in this article. Take some time and have a look! There is likely some category you can help with!

Below the list of benchmarks are some tips for how to get started.

The Benchmarks

As you’ll see below the list of hardware and benchmarks are quite extensive and ranges from modern systems running DDR4 to vintage using DDR1. Have a look maybe you have some old system sitting in a closet and you’d just like to know if it still works. Well here’s a perfect opportunity power it on and and blow the dust bunnies out. I’m keeping a list of the benchmarks and results in the bench team section. If you’re interested come have a look! Ask questions and if you need any help there’s a lot of people in there that know how to squeeze every point they can out of most any platform. Here’s a direct link.

Here they are. This is taken directly from the OC-esports site here!/round/team_cup_2016/rules



  • Stage 1: SuperPI 1M – Skylake/Haswell (Average of 3 best CPUs)
  • Stage 2: 3DMark11 Full Out – GeForce 600/700
  • Stage 3: HWBOT Prime – Mobile Haswell/Skylake (Average of 3 best CPUs)
  • Stage 4: Geekbench3 Multi Core – Steamroller
  • Stage 5: 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme – Radeon HD 7000 + Rx2/3 rebrand (Average of 3 best GPUs)
  • Stage 6: GPUPI for CPU 1B – Haswell E
  • Stage 7: Memory Clock – DDR4


  • Stage 1: XTU – Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge (Average of 3 best CPUs)
  • Stage 2: Vantage 2x GPU – GeForce 500/400
  • Stage 3: GPUPI for CPU 100M – Mobile Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge (Average of 3 best CPUs)
  • Stage 4: 3DMark11 Physics – Piledriver/Bulldozer
  • Stage 5: Unigine Extreme – Radeon HD 6000/5000 (Average of 3 best GPUs)
  • Stage 6: HWBOT x265 1080P – Sandy Bridge-E
  • Stage 7: Memory Clock – DDR3


  • Stage 1: PiFast – Socket 775 (Average of 3 best CPUs)
  • Stage 2: 3DMark03 – NetBurst 775 + GeForce 9000/8000 (Average of 3 best CPUs)
  • Stage 3: Wprime 1024 – Mobile Core/NetBurst
  • Stage 4: 3DMark06 2x GPU – K10 + HD 3000 (Average of 3 best GPUs)
  • Stage 5: 3DMark Vantage – K10 + HD 2000
  • Stage 6: CPU Frequency – AM2
  • Stage 7: Memory Clock – DDR2


  • Stage 1: Wprime32 – NetBurst 478 (Average of 3 best GPUs)
  • Stage 2: Aquamark – NetBurst + GeForce 6000
  • Stage 3: SuperPi 1M – Mobile Intel w/DDR1
  • Stage 4: 3DMark05 – Socket 939 + Radeon R500 (Average of 3 best GPUs)
  • Stage 5: Cinebench2003 – Socket 754
  • Stage 6: 3DMark99 – Socket 462+GeForce 5000
  • Stage 7: Memory Clock – DDR1 (Average of 3 best scores)


  • Stage 1: HWBOT Prime – CPU must be different
  • Stage 2: 3DMark01 – GPUs must be different

As you can see from the list above, this year’s Team Cup is as mammoth as ever. Just to clarify a few things. The nomenclature (3S) indicates that the final team score will in fact be an average of the top three scores submitted. The ‘Dogpile’ round involves teams making as many submissions as possible with scores added together to make a total score. Only score per CPU/GPU allowed, so it’s all about digging out and scoring on as many different CPUs/GPUs as possible.

As you can see it’s a massive amount of benching and hardware so any help is greatly appreciated. In 2014 we managed to place third, last year we were fourth. I’m hoping that with help from the entire site we can take first place this time. Our biggest downfall last year was not having hardware for some categories, so we weren’t able to get any points for that benchmark or only managing one or two out of three submissions in others.

Make a Difference

OK here’s how you can help:

  • Check the list above to see if there’s anything you can/want to run. Even if you don’t want to participate and you have some old piece of hardware, someone on the team could always use it.
  • If you’re up to the challenge, check in here and let myself or another captain know.
    • HWBot has specific rules for submissions and they need to be correct or they will be removed. We can help you with that.
  • Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one. Make sure you choose as your team and you’re nearly there.
    • Each submission for the Team Cup is required to have a specific desktop background which you can find here or in the forum thread linked above.

I’m hoping to see some of you in the thread soon, good luck and above all have some fun!

– Shawn Jennings (Johan45)

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