iTunes For Windows . . .

Item One: iTunes for Windows is now available for download.

News You Can Use: Someone was kind enough to share this:

“If you do an article on iTunes for Windows you might include this:

“If people are experiencing the “memory error” then they can turn off their firewall while iTunes connects. You can re-enable it once you get into the store. I have Norton Internet Security 2003 and for whatever reason that was the problem.”

It should be noted that among MP3 players, only the iPod can handle Apple’s format (desktop-only users only need a software player that supports Quicktime).

Item Two: The Pepsi Challenge. Beginning with the 2004 Super Bowl, Pepsi will give away 100 million iTunes, one at a time.

More information on both here

It will be interesting to see how well Apple’s music service holds up in the Windows world. Perhaps more to the point, it will be interesting to see how well Apple’s DRM holds up in the Windows world.

If it doesn’t, it will be a blow to those who think government should stay out of this area, and an aid to those who want it in.


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