JETART CoolStand3 Notebook Cooler

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Laptop cooler with a swivel base.

The good guys at JETART were nice enough to send a sample of their CoolStand3 Notebook Cooler to try out. This full size laptop cooler features a swivel base and is powered by a USB port.


The two bottom clips flip out to hold the laptop in place.

Key Features

  • Swivel Base
  • Fits 11.1″ to 15.4″ notebooks
  • USB powered – 0.7 volts
  • Size 300 x 276 x 23 mm, Weight 800 grams
  • Fan speed 2000 rpm, 21.3 dBA

A look at the base reveals the swivel – this allows users to mount a laptop and swivel it 360°:


Opening the unit shows the underside of the cooler’s top, showing the fan and USB cable:




The top is held in place with a metal bracket that adjusts the tilt angle from 20° to 50° in six steps:


The tilt feature is nice but as noted on the box, angles more than 30° will require an external keyboard. The CoolStand3 is made of plastic with a metal grill for airflow.

All told, a flexible laptop cooler with lots of adjustments for viewing angles.

In use, I found the fan quiet and the airflow substantial enough to do some real cooling. My laptops do not dissipate a lot of heat from their backs, but some of my friends have laptops with seriously warm backs. If you have such a laptop, this cooler will do some real cooling for you.

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