Kingwin Absolute Power ABT-600CW

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Versatile power supply – Joe

SUMMARY: A power supply without extraneous cables.


What’s missing from this picture?

The good guys at Kingwin were nice enough to send a sample of their latest power supply, the Kingwin Absolute Power ABT-600CW (600 watts). Aside from the usual power supply stats, what makes this a very nice unit is that the accessory cables plug into the unit – finally an easy way to get rid of the cables you don’t use!


Plug in only the cables you use – nice!

The inside of my cases always have a rat’s nest of cables I don’t use, so a power supply that you can customize to your power needs is a very nice feature. With a floppy becoming less common, it’s nice to have a cable without a dangling floppy connector.

Key Features

  • Power Supply Main Unit with motherboard connectors (24, 6 & 4 pin)
  • Two plug-in cables with 3 HD, one floppy connector
  • One plug-in cable with 3 HD connectors
  • One plug-in cable with 2 SATA connectors
  • One plug-in cable with 2 PCI Express connectors
  • One 120 volt power plug, 115 and 230 volt switch
  • ATX/BTX standard, supports EPS & Intel 945/955 chipset
  • Front 80 mm LED fan, Rear 60 mm LED fan
  • Gold-coated connectors

Kingwin’s Absolute Power ABT-600CW current ratings:

PS Amps

The power supply connector is a 24 pin design, but could be used with a 20 pin connector if needed:

PS Plug

Note that the plug will fit a 20 pin connector (there is indexing ridge on the plug), assuming there are no interfering components around the motherboard connector. I tried the plug on a few motherboards and it fits some but not all. I found that I could use an extension adapter to get around this problem:

PS Adapter

UPDATE: A number of readers wrote in to tell me that the last four pins are removable – they are indeed, although they were pretty snug and fooled me!

PS Adapter Split

The inside back of the power supply has all the connectors for the cables:


In addition, there are three windows:


The fans are controlled by temperature:


In use, I found fan noise to be very low.

The hard drive plugs feature the “easy-off” design:


Squeeze on the raised part and the plug comes off very easily – anyone who has fought with a sticky plug will appreciate this.

Finally, when powered the LEDs light up the windows:



Kingwin’s 600 watt Absolute Power Supply (model ABT-600CW) is a great way to clean up the un-used cable mess that comes with many other power supplies. In addition, the “easy-off” hard drive plugs, LEDs and low-noise fans make for a very attractive package.

Thanks again to Kingwin for sending this our way.

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