KT133 Multiplier Fix

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Got our second MSI K7T Pro2A board. It did exactly what the first K7TPro2A board did, came up with just about any multiplier other than the one you wanted.

Went through the BIOS with a fine-toothed comb, updated with the latest BIOS. No change.

I found that after a failed change (the machine didn’t boot, and I had to cold boot to restart), the initial boot readout would read default, but the BIOS setting remained as I had changed it.

So I just saved it again, and this time around, the setting took. Did it a number of times, and it worked.

Not saying this will work for you, but it can’t hurt.

  1. Go into BIOS and make your modifications. Save it.
  2. As the machine is ready to warm boot, turn the power off.
  3. Turn the power and the machine back on. The initial screen should show the CPU running at default speed.
  4. Go into BIOS, and double check the settings. They should be the same as your initial modifications. Save to CMOS again.

  5. This time, just let the machine warm boot. Your settings should now work.

The only time you do this is if you put in a multiplier of, say, 9X, and the machine gives you 5.5X or 12X.

We suspect it’s a flaw with the Via chipset. The MSI board is the only one we’ve seen this happen with consistently (though the vast majority of users do not report anything like this). However,
we have seen this happen once in a blue moon with other KT133 boards like the A7V and KT7.

If you run into this problem, try this, and tell me if it works or not on your machine.

P.S. I’ll be testing the MSI board over the weekend.

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