Logitech ® VX ™ Revolution Mouse

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A worthwhile purchase for users looking for comfort and lots of user-programmabe buttons – Joe

SUMMARY: A worthwhile purchase for users looking for comfort and lots of user-programmabe buttons.


I’ve been using the Logitech ® VX ™ Revolution Mouse for a while now and thought my impressions on it were worth sharing.

The mouse is one of those ubiquitous PC devices that gets our attention when it’s not so nice to use – a good mouse should be an extension of your hand and not a burden to use. Logitech’s ® VX ™ Revolution Mouse is a joy to use and has enough features to satisfy almost any PC user.

Key Features:

  • 2.4 GHz USB micro-receiver
  • Ten user programmable buttons configured through software
  • Uses one AA battery with battery indicator
  • 3-year limited warranty

Aside from the usual left-right buttons, there is a center wheel which has three functions, two side buttons, a zoom slider and a one-touch search button:



All these buttons can be customized through software that comes with the mouse:


The base shows the laser and a switch which changes the scroll wheel from a “clicky” feel to free-wheeling:


Here’s the “micro-gear” to change the scroll wheel’s feel:


The Logitech uses a small receiver which plugs into a USB port:


When not in use, the diminutive receiver docks inside the mouse:


In use, I find this mouse very comfortable to the hand, it just fits naturally – a very nice ergonomics job. With all the buttons which can be programmed by the user, it’s about as customizable as anyone would wish. On just about any surface, there is very little friction so that it moves effortlessly. I also find it very precise to locate on any position on my LCD.

With the scroll wheel set to free-wheeling, a slight flick of the finger gets it going and it can easily scroll through the usual web page top to bottom. Once you use it this way, it’s hard to go back to the “clicky” feel.


Overall the Logitech ® VX ™ Revolution Mouse is a worthwhile purchase for users looking for comfort and lots of options for their “mousing experience”. Once you use a really good mouse, it’s really tough to go back to a “standard issue” mouse. MSRP is $80 but usually less on the street.

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