Low Speed Thoroughbred Update. . .

Item One: A Thoroughbred Revision A 1700+ Shows Up For Sale: Newegg has them. It’s a 1700+ listed for $75, and it’s the one clearly identified as a Thoroughbred.

All the codings on the Newegg webpage are consistent with a Thoroughbred Revision A processor. Not a Thoroughbred Revision B. If you don’t know the difference between the two and what that means to your overclocking results, get up to speed.

Item Two: AMD Revises Datasheet for Thoroughbreds, Includes 1800+, 2100+ as Thoroughbred Revision B Processors You can see that here (page 23).

This doesn’t mean low-speed Throughbred Bs are out now or even shortly. It means that someday, (probably sometime next year) you’re likely to see them.

A Big Problem

AMD now has two or even three different type processors all running at the same speed. Here’s a little list of what you at least theoretically could get:

1700+: Palomino, TBred A
1800+: Palomino, TBred A, TBred B
1900+: Palomino, TBred A
2000+: Palomino, TBred A, TBred B
2100+: Palomino, TBred A, TBred B
2200+: TBred A, TBred B

In the near term, it is far more likely a TBred A will be available at the lower speeds rather than a TBred B.

How The Hell Am I Supposed To Get The Right One Ordering Over The Internet?

Good question. 🙂 We’ll tell you how Monday.


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