Maybe Not So Secret Sale . . .

We mentioned the other day that AMD seemed to be having a “secret sale” on some processors.

Now Forbes is reporting more price cuts April 9. They cite a financial analyst, who apparently saw something with an AMD logo on it, since he cited exact percentage cuts.

That being said, it has become pretty standard practice the last few years for AMD to cut before the “cut” by a few weeks.

However, if this page is any indicator of what is going to happen, we’re going to see bigger and broader cuts across-the-board, and the more expensive the CPU, the steeper the cut.

Take the official AMD price and subtract the discounts mentioned on the previously mentioned page, and you end up with:

  • A price cut of nearly 50% on the top-rated X6000+, down to less than $250.
  • Precious few dual-core processors selling for more than $150, including the 65nm processors.
  • Single-core processors should all be less than $100, with most less than $75. Semprons will often be less than %50.

    This is pretty stunning stuff. I think anyone contemplating building an AMD system needs to wait to see if these prices pan out.


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