New Type of TBird

Here’s some comments I’ve gotten from TBird users and the voltage they’re using.

My 1100 T- Bird goes up to 1200 with normal voltage. The only way to get him about 1333 and higher is to lower
voltage to 1.60 V! Only with good air-cooling.

I bought a TBird, 1.2 gz, b variety. The highest I was
able to get it to go stably with stock cooling @ 1.85
volts on the Asus A7M266 was 1260 mhz. When I dropped
the voltage down to 1.65 volts, I can go to 1346
stably. Weird, no?

My 1.1 Tbird (bought a few weeks ago) will do 1230 at any voltage between 1.64 and 1.85 but will go no higher than 1230.

This chip runs perfectly stable at
1.6 volts not overclocked!

[1.2G TBird] With a Taisol HSF 1.3GHz HSF, I manage to
hit 1356MHz. With 2 Taisol fans, 1377MHz. With water cooling, I could hit
1430MHz (1442Mhz not 100%). The main problem I am facing is with my
board!!! . . . . My chip isn’t stable above default voltage. Thus all speeds are 1.75V.

BXHA0103 seems to be the code (beginning of second line on the chip) coming up.

Do you have one like this, too? Tell me about it, and I’ll add your experience to this list.

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