nPowertek NPH 775 Tower Heatsink

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nPower’s Tower tests out as a very good heatsink.


The good guys at nPowertek were nice enough to send a sample of their NPH 775-115 HC heatsink. This is a tower style heatsink with aluminum fins and a copper heatpipe core.

Key Features

  • Aluminum fin construction with copper core heatpipe
  • Footprint 124 x 127 x 95mm
  • 92 mm Fan, speed 3000 rpm
  • Weight ~680 grams
  • Supports all Intel® Socket LGA 775 CPU

The base is the bottom of the heatpipe core and appears well finished:


Mounting requires removing the motherboard from the case to secure the heatsink to the back mounting plate.

Performance Test

The NPH 775-115 was tested on an Asus P5WD2 motherboard with a modified Pentium D 805 to read CPU case temps while running Prime 95.


Case Temp

Ambient Temp


On-Die Temp¹

NPH 775-115, 2922 rpm, 53 dBA²





¹On-die temperatures.
²50 dBA measured 8″ from the fan intake corresponds to about 30 dBA measured 3 feet from the fan, a very quiet noise level.

Performance was quite good and ranked in the upper third of heatsinks tested to date HERE – it should be suitable for mildly aggressive cooling with low fan noise.

Thanks again to nPowertek for sending this our way to test out.

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