OC Folding Contest

What’s This? The O/C Forums Folding Team wants to encourage more people to join us, so we got together, chipped in, and decided to have this contest.

What’s Folding? You can read about folding join our folding team

What’s the Prize? The grand prize is a new computer!

Athlon XP1600
60 Gb Maxtor
Radeon LE
256Mb PC2100 RAM
Aluminum case (with window, www.overclockers.com cutout. OC fan grills)
Watercooling (Maze3)

We’ll also have a grabbag of weekly prizes which will be announced each week.

What Do I Have To Do To Enter The Contest? You need to join our folding team and meet the minimal requirements.

How Long Does This Contest Run? The contest begins September 7, and runs through October 26 (eight weeks). The latest you can enter is the beginning of the fifth week of the contest (October 5, 10 PM).

What Are The Minimum Requirements? To be eligible for the weekly prizes, you must earn at least 5 folding points that week.

To be eligible for the grand prize, you must earn at least 5 folding points for each of the last three weeks of the contest.

How Do You Pick A Winner? Both the weekly and grand prizes will be determined by drawings . Everyone who meet the minimum
requirement for the week or for the grand prize gets one ticker. This goes across
the board, one ticket per entrant, so everyone has an equal chance of winning the

So Why Join Right Away? If you join before September 7, and earn five folding points for each week of the eight-week period, you get two tickets to win the grand prize rather than one.

Drawings will take place on Friday night of each week after and based on the Friday 10 PM (est) Stanford updates on work done for the week.
The winner will be displayed on the contest page (URL TBA) and I will post the winner in the contest thread in the OC Forums.

Who Is Paying for All This?

The folding team is! So far, we’ve put together the computer and the weekly prizes. If you’d like to make a donation of equipment to make our weekly prizes better, or become one of the contest sponsors, please contact me at the address below.

Who Is Doing What and Who Should Gets Credit for This?

Contest Leaders and Main Organizers

NASsoocer, PLoaf, Skip

Contest Website Sponsored By


Other Current Sponsors



Rob Justice
Cooling Gears

Whom Do I Ask If I Have Any Further Questions?

Me, and my email address is just below.


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