OMG, What A Chip. . .

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That’s the title of one of our forum threads, and in this world of hype, this is the one time a comment like that is an understatement.

We’ve said that the 1.8A C1 would likely be the best overclocking CPU of all time, but we didn’t expect to see an initial number this good.

Briefly, one of our forum members, Formosian, scavenged a 1.8GHz C1 from a new Dell box meant for a friend.

Well, to make a long story short, he’s hitting 3.5GHz with it using air.

Granted, the first sighting of this CPU is probably also the Mother of All 1.8A Chips, and you shouldn’t expect as much. This probably is a wonder chip.

But even if you get 500MHz less than that, that’s still a 67%, 1.2GHz overclock.

No, don’t run out and buy one yet, this is the first sighting of one that I’m aware of. Odds are, only OEMs have them at this point.

I’ve asked for all the codes on the chip to see if we may not have a situation similiar to the 1.6A, with results suddenly improving after a certain week.

In any case, it’s a tremendous overclock, Formosian. Let us just hope that for 1.8As, it proves to be closer to the rule than the exception.



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