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Understand what SETI is all about.

SETI is an often misunderstood endeavor. While the numbers we crunch are directly related to finding recurring radio signals and patterns, SETI itself makes a huge contribution to radio astronomy and participates in other areas of science as well. Analyzing radio signals and developing new algorithms for filtering static & background noise is a very important part of all radio astronomy science and SETI has been at the forefront of these efforts for years.

Filtering background noise is also used in communications transmission and some cryptography. The search for extra-solar planets and their vital statistics is also at the heart of SETI research and SETI scientists are taking a leading role in this part of astronomy. So the next time you think “Little Green Men” don’t forget the other contributions that SETI makes to science and technology. It’s not all science fiction!

The SETI Team has been around almost as long as OCForums has been up & running. We’re currently in 8th Place in total points and 5th Place in RAC (daily output), ahead of teams from all over the world having three or more times as many active members. This week our Team is honoring one of its outstanding members, Razorface, for moving into the Worldwide Top 50! In addition, both Razorface and btoups have moved into the Worldwide Top 40 in RAC this year!

Next week the Team will begin participation in an annual SETI race called The Gauntlet. SETI@Netherlands will, as usual, be hosting this event and SETI members from over a dozen teams around the world will be vying once again for the First Place trophy. We’ve taken first place several times in the past and have high hopes for this year’s outcome as well!

For us SETI isn’t just about finding ET, it’s also about the competition of getting the most out of your computer and using those idle hours each day for a little fun. So whether you believe in ET or not, come on by the SETI Forum and join us for a couple of weeks. You might find you like it!


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I have been doing SETI@home on & off for years. How do I contribute to the team?

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