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A couple of you have mentioned, and a couple places have Corsair PC2400 RAM. I looked at the Corsair site, and it indeed is rated at CAS2 at 150Mhz. It also costs almost twice as much as Crucial’s PC2100 (which seems to do 150Mhz at CAS2 quite fine).

Something you need to keep in mind in both selecting DDR RAM and a mobo is whether or not you’re ever going to get to really use it.

To my knowledge, the AMD boards do not have a PCI divisor greater than /4. This all by itself is a potential bottleneck for FSB overclocking over 150Mhz, maybe you can, maybe you can’t.

There’s been rumors that the Via KT266 boards are capable of a PCI divisor of /5, but I haven’t seen any solid evidence of this yet (please tell me if you have). Given some of our recent reviews of memory, our attitude towards the Corsair being significantly better than the Crucial is: Show me. We know others have gotten Crucial with slower settings to run as high as 175Mhz.

When there are mobos that realistically can do something with PC2400 without extreme PCI overclocking, we’ll give this a look.

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