Pedophile Processor Pursuing

Over the past few years, Intel occasionally has had a speed grade or two that have been represented by two quite different processors.

For instance, right now, there is a 2.0GHz PIV processor, which is made using a 0.l8 micron process, and a 2.0A PIV processor, which is made using a 0.13 micron process.

This inevitably causes confusion, and more than a few people end up buying the older processor even though they wanted the newer processor.

With the introduction of Thoroughbred, AMD looks to be following Intel’s path big time.

If some of the recent roadmaps we’ve seen are accurate, there will be four or even five processors that will come in both 0.18 and 0.13 micron versions.

At this point, we don’t know what if anything AMD will do with the CPU designations to try to distinguish between the two.

Physically, they’re easily distinguishable. The Palomino XP core is squarish, while the Thoroughbred core is smaller and decidedly rectangular.

However, it’s really hard to inspect processors over the Internet. 🙂

Resellers will usually try to distinguish between the two, but especially early on, they get confused, too, and can often mislabel or misdescribe processors.

So at least at the beginning, this may be a bit of a pedophile processor pursuit. I call it that because you don’t want one that’s 18; you want one that’s 13. 🙂

As always, when there is some doubt buying from a website, you should go by the description on the webpage you are ordering from, and save a copy of it. The webpage should clearly describe the CPU as a “Thoroughbred” or “0.13 micron.”

That way, if they send you the wrong one, you have proof they sent you the wrong one, and you won’t get charged a restocking fee.

If you think this is stupid, well, I’ve been through this after taking this precaution, and I have money in my pocket that says you’re wrong.

If you don’t pay attention, and order something you thought was a Thoroughbred, but the webpage doesn’t say so, the vendor will say, “You ordered an XP1800+, you got an XP1800+. Not our fault you didn’t pay attention. 15-20% restocking fee, please.”

Don’t let laziness cost you money.


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