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Intel updated some of its processor spec sheets the other day.

While there aren’t any changes of immediate note (though there’s a few additions to future processors), we’re revising our early lists, expanded them to include all PIV processors, and explain this a little more.

There are three future (or just got here) types of PIV processors.

The “Original” C1 Stepping

These processors in theory are supposed to out, though it is difficult to impossible to find them at resellers at lower speeds (i.e. 2.4GHz or below).

Intel is apparently only gradually shifting over from earlier steppings, as B0 stepping chips were still being made as of a few weeks ago.

If you absolutely want one, either go to a place where you can physically inspect the chip or box, or only buy from places that say that they are specifically selling you a C1 stepping chip.

All 2.50, 2.60, 2.66, 2.80 and 3.06GHz CPU are at least C1 stepping. 2.53GHz CPUs are NOT all C1 stepping CPUs.

C1 Steppings With Multiple VIDs

These are C1 stepping CPUs which have multiple default voltages. They have the same CPUID as C1 stepping CPUs.

Outside of (maybe) 3.06GHz CPUs, the earliest these CPUs will be available at any other speed will be January 24, 2003 (and they’ll probably actually show up much later than that). So there’s no point trying to look for one now.

200MHz FSB CPUs With Hyperthreading

Intel will introduce a number of CPUs from 2.4GHz and up that will have hyperthreading enabled and be able to run at 200MHz FSB at the end of February. We don’t know when they’ll actually show up, or have any sspec information yet.

Below are lists of the original C1 and C1 with multiple voltages sspecs. We have not included whether the particular sspecs are OEM or boxed for two reasons:

1) Many can be found in both configurations.

2) There are some contradictions in the Intel documentation on a few of the processors; one list calls an sspec an OEM chip, while another calls it a boxed processor.






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