Quadro Benchmarks

Update 7/1/01: Please take particular note that these benchmarks are done with a Celeron and a GeForce256 DDR. If your system is closer to a TBird 1Ghz and a GeForce2 GTS, the pattern of improvement is rather different, see here for measurements between pre-change and SoftQuadro change.

I don’t know if you caught the little blurb I wrote in your forum (Ed. note: the thread is well worth visiting for additional information about this), but I extensively compared SoftQuadro, Quadro and Geforce modes on the same video card.

I did this by using the switch method of the quadro mod. I can just flip a switch between GeForce and Quadro. I also used SpecViewperf as a benchmark. The test machine was a celeron 566 oced to 876 with 256mb ram and a GeForce 256 DDR. All test were ran after a clean driver install and reboot. All test were also ran at complete default settings.

You can see there is still a big difference between SoftQuadro and the Quadro resistor mod.


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