Slipping One By? . . .

Digitimes confirms that 65nm AMD chips will be out December 5).

Eight days from now.

Green seems pretty quiet, don’t they?

I took a look over at, where somebody inevitably gets their hands on new CPUs ahead of time: nothing.

I went to your local friendly search engine, typed in “Brisbane overclock.” Nothing.

This isn’t quite the PS3 or even Wii launch, is it?

Now I could be wrong about this, but if somebody does know about someone who has one of these chips and has tried to overclock it, I’d very much like to hear about it and (if public information) pass it on.

If you have one, but can’t talk about it publicly because it will get you in trouble, just tell me about it, then tell me to keep my mouth shut. 🙂

Well, this hasn’t been the first CPU launch that’s been very, very quiet, but usually when that happens, it’s because there’s not much to say about the product.

Yes, we’ve said before that these are meant to be, “Stick it in a Dell or HP,” type chips. Still, these chips overclocked ought to give an indication as to how fast SOI cam be at the 65nm level.

And given that AMD is going to use 90nm to come out with a 3GHz chip, the overclocks from these first 65nm chips aren’t likely to be too pretty.


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