Socket 939 Gets Delayed . . . .

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The Inquirer reports that only 10,000 socket 939 processors will be made from May through June.

Technically, it’s not a delay, but practically, it is.

What’s the reason? Who knows? At this point, who cares? There comes a point when you simply stop believing the promises of people, or a company. It doesn’t mean you completely stop dealing with them, it means you stop believing in them.

There comes a point when a company’s credit is so bad that suppliers will only deliver when they get paid on the spot.

At this point, it’s “show me the money” when it comes to AMD. You can’t rely on them. If they can’t make socket 939 chips in any quantity until the third quarter, it seems silly to buy one then when 90nm chips which ought to overclock a lot better will be available in the fourth quarter.

But given their track record, I wouldn’t bet a plug nickel on that happening, either.

This audience is composed mostly of AMD fans, and if there is one prevalent attitude out there, it’s “When AMD feels like selling me a really good Hammer at a really good price, I’ll buy one, but not until then.”

Maybe we should take a different approach. Maybe we should take a page from those people who say, “We oppose the war in Iraq, but support the troops.”

Maybe what we should do is oppose the company, but support the product. Hammer is basically a good product; it’s the company that’s the problem.

Let’s take the product seriously, but not the company. Don’t make fun of the product; make fun of the company.

Maybe that will get their attention.



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