Soltek SL-75KAV-X Problems @133 Bus or More. . .

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It started off with this:

“Having huge problems to run anything above 135 bus on the motherboard. Found the problem. The motherboard doesn´t change PCI divider when running 133 bus or more. . . . According to the manual it should switch to 1/4 divider automatic when running 133 bus or more but it doesn´t.”

Looked at the manual, yep, it is supposed to do that, no 133/3 speed there.

To summarize a flurry of emails, there’s a jumper (JP17) which needs to be set to enable “something.” I say “something” because it looks like this section of the manual calls what looks like A, B, and vice versa.

At the end of page 20, the manual says, in red, that jumper JP17 is present in PCB versions F1 or later.

He doesn’t have the jumper.

He’s writing Soltek.

If you have this board, I’d like to hear from you about this issue. I looked at the newsgroups and found very little.

If you don’t already own this board, you probably don’t want to until we get this issued straightened out.

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