Spray Off: "Hands of the Gods"

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NewMod City.com had a Spray Off Competition to coincide with the NMC’s First Anniversary Themed Case Modding Contest. This was hosted by dillusional, and I myself was one of the contest judges along with Masbuskado and special guest judge, FrenkieNL. Full details of the contests can be found in the above links. Being a judge in the above contests I wasn’t allowed to officially enter a project, but that didn’t stop me from being enticed … so here’s a little project from me for the NMC’s Spray Off!

New Mod City’s SPRAY OFF – Video Promo!

My Theme – Hands of The Gods

My Art History

Like Masbuskado, I too was very into drawing by hand, sketching,  architectural building, and Egyptian drawings from a young age. I also loved drawing galleon ships, planes, trains, and automobiles (hey, sounds like a movie). Although that was a long time ago, every now and then I would get out the pencils, water colours, or acrylics and oils; another thing haven’t done in a while. So, I have been enticed to do a panel for the Spray Off, and the theme will be “Hands of the Gods.” Hopefully my hands aren’t too shaky and I will be able to pull this one off.

Original NMC Worklog[Spray Off] Hands of the Gods by Jolly-Swagman

Video OverviewHands of the Gods

Here are some of the side panels I have left over (orphans) from previous case mods with some of the spray paint cans to be used, and the idea I hope to incorporate into the panel. It’s inspired by a painting by Michaelangelo.

Case Side Panels & Spray Paint Cans
Case Side Panels & Spray Paint Cans

The design
"Hands of the Gods" - sketches

Hopefully it will end up looking something like this:

"Hands of the Gods" - Panel

I have decided to go with the smaller case panel for now. I sanded back and prepped the panel with two coats of medium gray with light sanding in between coats. The actual size of the panel is 41 x 34.5 cm.

Side Case Panel - prep work
Side Case Panel - Prep. Work

After looking at the sketches over a few times I thought maybe it would look better diagonally: reaching up to the gods or reaching down from the gods, depending on how you want to look at it! So, here is what I have in mind.

"Hands of the Gods" - Diagonal Aspect

After another rather hot day (37 °C), I was able to get a couple of plumb purple coats with sanding in between.

Case Panel - Plumb Purple
Case Panel - Plumb Purple

Then, it was time to make some stencils to do the “Hands of the Gods.” So, out of storage came the drawing board to make some stencils.

Drawing Board Making the Stencils
Preparing the stencils
Top Left Hand Stencil
Top Left Hand

Top Left Hand Stencil Cut Out
Left Hand Cut Out
Bottom Right Hand Cut Out
Right Hand Cut Out

Then, it was back to the garage to work on spraying the clouds on the panel to resemble the heavens above. This was done using a stippled effect to give it more depth.

The Heavens - Painted Side Panel
The Heavens - Painted Side Panel

Using the stencils, I have laid down the “Hands of the Gods” base coat in a copper color.

Hands of The Gods - Base Coat
"Hands of the Gods" - Base Coat

Next comes the tricky part, highlighting and detailing the hands. So, this is how the detailed “Hands of The Gods” turned out.

"Hands of the Gods" - Detailed

Some coats of clear gloss provide protection and make the detailing  ‘pop’, thus making it look even more lifelike! One of the other NMC Staff Moderators (Shiryu_ligra) asked me to make desktop pictures of “The Hands of the Gods” which can be found here: “Hands of The Gods-Desktop Pics”. I have also taken some close up photos of the hands after they were clear coated with two coats.

Close Up - Bottom Hand
Close Up - Bottom Hand

Close Up - Top Hand
Close Up - Top Hand

All done and personally signed by me.

"Hands of The Gods' - taken with flash on
"Hands of the Gods" - Taken with Flash
"Hands of The Gods" - taken natural light
“Hands of the Gods” – Taken in Natural Light

Thats all for now: I will do another final clear coat then it will be finished!

Thank you for viewing my “Hands of the Gods”  – Spray Off project.

Jolly Swagman

About Jolly-Swagman 5 Articles
I,m a Semi-Retired Computer Tech, Member of Overclockers.com. Folding Member/Mentor for [email protected] Team 32, Case Modder/Builder, Other Passions include Artist - Painting, Drawing, using various mediums (Water colour, Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, Coloured pencils, and Charcoal) Also Photography, is another of my passions


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  1. Pvt.Dancer
    i wanna see a full Sistine chapel replica. lol great job looks great!

    Thanks Pvt.Dancer, lol. yeas that would be one great Painting to do!
    very nice!

    Thank You rustyfender,
    Nice work! :attn:
    Nice to see someone who can create art. Myself, I can't draw a straight line with a ruler held down by large bricks.

    Thanks Conumdrum, for the comments, :thup:
    Yes it has been a while since I had actually done any New Artwork, just glad too see I havent lost my creative touch