TBird Quadro

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I just noticed the Soft Quadro results posted on your main page. I’d
just like to throw in my comments and argue that something was not executed

(Ed. note: Those results used a Celeron and a GeForce 256DDR. The
upcoming results show a quite different performance pattern with a TBird
and a GF2 GTS. Both sets can show different results yet still be right.

I performed the softquadro hack and got an enormous gain in

System is:

  • 1Ghz Thunderbird
  • 512 Mb of PC133 Cas 3
  • Geforce 2 GTS
  • Win2k Sp2
  • Video Resolution: 1024X768X32

    Here are some results:


    As you can see its a pretty fantastic gain in performance. Discreet’s
    offical max forums are currently replicating the tests and are seeing the
    same performance increases. In most cases its around a 40-50% increase in
    wireframe performance in 3DSMax4.

    Email Greg

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