The Problem With Windows!

No, this is not going to be a rant about the Microsoft Windows operating

No, I am not going to complain about how the weather breaks in though the single pane windows in my condo.

What I am going to complain about is what breaks out when you put a
window in your PC case.

Here is my story:

I got really annoyed by the noise coming from my system (11 fans, and a Delta 38 screamer).
I finally convinced the wife that it was either a water cooling system or my sanity.

After looking around, I decided to buy a Koolance full tower case. The case itself is a quality Antec type case
and the water-cooling is exceptional for my modest overclocking needs

I was disappointed to find out that if I bought the version of the case I wanted with a window
installed, it would be a squarish window and the handle/lever on the
left side of the case would be eliminated. So I bought the case without the windows
and decided to do the window myself.

After delivery, I cut a hole in the side of my case to put in the window. After I had
a good-looking window installed, I put my computer into my new
case. The computer works fine, and I’m happy with how it handles what I tell it to do.
I’m not so happy with what it’s doing on its own.

When I got home from work last night, my neighbor asked me if I had been having
problems with my garage door like she was. (I live in a condo unit above two 2-car
garages, mine and a neighbors). I told her no (though I don’t use the garage much, and hadn’t
since my computer installation).

I then went about my business
until my wife asked me to take the trash cans out to the street. Then I took my garage remote and went downstairs. Low and
The damn garage door opener would not operate.

I knew something was screwed up. What are the chances that TWO garage
door openers right next to each other died at the same time?!? After thinking
a bit, and considering what my neighbor had told me (she had said she had intermittent problems with hers
before, I formed a hypothesis.

I had read at that a
plexiglass case would not contain the RF signals that the system
created. Perhaps these RF signals were coming out of my window and
screwing with the two garage door openers?

Sure enough, after a few
tests in which I placed aluminum foil on the inside of the window, the
garage door opener worked! My operating computer caused nonoperating garage door openers!

The intermittent problems my neighbor first had happened when I had
taken the side of my old case off to tweak with stuff. Now,
with the plexiglass window, it was screwing up the openers 24/7!

I paid $20 plus S&H for the damn window and $55 for the jigsaw to
perform the operation, and now I am stuck with a FOIL COVERED

The only other option I have is to purchase EMF/RF resistant
film to go over the window, but $20/sq. fit is the lowest price for it I’ve found.
to be is $20/sq. ft. My window is 18″ x 18″,
so I would have to purchase at least two square feet. Another $40 plus S&H! (S&H? This
is turning into S&M!)

I am not sure what I am going to do.

The moral of the story is: DO NOT PURCHASE A WINDOW FOR YOUR RIG,

Please post this on your site to save some people the
hassles I have been though. I think I will eventually purchase the
EMF/RF resistant film, as I can NOT STAND the look of the aluminum
foil on the inside of my window.

(Ed. note: So we have. :))

Jon Sorenson

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