The Suitcase PC

This is my SuitCase PC:

Suitcase PC

I did it myself using a Dremel and some other power tools – LOL.

It’s a standard metallic suitcase – the suitcase is a little smaller than a midi ATX tower. I use a wireless Logitech keyboard. I used the Radeon VE so I don’t have to carry with me a monitor – I use the TV-Out when I am at our beach house.

The main reason I built this thing is that laptops are really expensive and I have a lot of spare time – LOL – (University closed for summer) and I like watching DVDs on my Sony Vega. The Pictures are showing the SuitCase 1.0.

I now have removed the SCSI card and CD-R and added a Generic NIC for some Quake 3 and UT death matches with my friends, who are now begging me to build Suitcase PCs for them.

SuitCase PC Specs:

  • Gigabyte 7ZMM Micro ATX mobo
  • 256MB PC133 CAS2
  • Athlon Tbird 900 @ 1GHz (I couldn’t resist) using a Taisol cooler.
  • Generic NIC
  • ATI Radeon VE 32MB DDR
  • Onboard sound
  • 40GB IBM Hard drive
  • 8x Hitachi DVD.
  • 300W Generic PSU.

When I am at home, it’s my second PC, calculating RC5-64 blocks and THINK project against cancer blocks. My
main computer is an Athlon 1.2 at 1.45 GHz on an EPOX 8KTA3.

Nikos Tziastas

Ed. Note: I don’t like laptops because you can’t tweak them too much – this looks like a great compromise!! Now, if someone can add an LCD screen….Joe

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