TherMax Tech XtFlux – GA

Thermal grease test – Joe

SUMMARY: A well performing thermal grease.


The good guys at TherMax Tech were nice enough to send a sample of their thermal grease, XtFlux – GA to try out. This is a non-metallic, silicone oil based thermal grease.

The Test

I tested TherMax XtFlux – GA on the CPU die tester using a Glaciator Lite for the heatsink; the results shown below were after 24 hours and a number of thermal cycles:

Thermal Grease

Die Temp

Ambient Temp



TherMax Tech XtFlux – GA





Based on tests I did recently, These results place TherMax Tech XtFlux – GA in the same ballpark as Arctic Silver 5 – not bad company to be in.


TherMax Tech XtFlux – GA looks like a decent performing thermal grease; depending on pricing, could be a good buy.

Thanks again to TherMax Tech for sending this our way.

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