Three AMD Items

More Delays

Look for yourself. Please note that “order availability date” means when a distributor can order the product, not when you can get it.

As a connoisseur of AMD misdirection and misinformation, I sort of liked AMD “cancelling” two models, resurrecting them under a new model number, then setting later dates for them. I guess that means in the AND fantasy world there’s no delay.

It does raise a question, though. If the TLB erratum was so easy to fix, why is it taking over six months for fixed products to come out?

A few people think they know why.

Another Phenom Problem?

You might want to look here,
here and here to start.

What these posts point out is that at least some of the quadcores have a “weak” core, weak as in capable of causing BSODs even when running at default speed.

This doesn’t seem to be a universal problem, and people with this problem have gotten replacement processors that didn’t have the problem, but you have to wonder whether that’s the reason why AMD came up with the tricore idea to begin with.


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