Via: Too Little, Too Late?

The Via KT266 boards are just starting to trickle in. So far, I haven’t seen any particularly good reason to buy one rather than an AMD760 mobo.

Something else is trickling in, too, are nForce mobo release dates, apparently the mobo manufacturers think they can meet the deadline.

Much as I hate the notion of being played as a potential sucker, if you want better than what’s out there now, looks like Waiting for nVidia.

And if everybody’s waiting for nVidia, nobody’s buying Via.

I have somehow gotten the impression over the past year, a tidbit here, a nuance there, that if Via suffered a steep fall, this would not break the hearts of many mobo manufacturers.

Of course, as I was reminded on another subject today, this might be like one Mexican Indian tribe using Cortez to help them defeat another Indian tribe. In the long run, they might regret it.

Something else that troubles me about nVidia is, how are they going to make all these chips? You have all the video chips, and the XBox chips, and now these nForce chips? I’m sure the spare capacity is out there, but getting essentially two new product lines going almost simultaneously is going to be a big challenge.

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