Wait Til Next Year . . .

Quoting an AMD spokesperson, the Inquirer says the first 65nm chips ought to show up next month.

While we won’t have our recent poll tabulated on AMD/Intel preference until early next week, early results indicate that people on the whole would rather have an AMD processor next go-round.

Well, they ought to wait a bit longer.

As another Inquirer article recently pointed out, the real deal isn’t supposed to show up until early next year.

I dunno, unless you’re an overclocker who has lots of excess electrictiy to get off your hands in the fall, wouldn’t you rather have a CPU that “will dramatically drop voltage and wattage consumed,” especially if you’re overclocking it?

If I had to bet, I would say this would be K8L, likely with another IBM SOI bailout, and arrival will be early Q2.


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