What Is Your Pain Point Now?

XBit Labs has some confirming details about when Northwood PIVs are going to show up: January 7.

At some point in 2002, we’ll likely pay a good deal of attention to them. The problem we face is when might you?

We see no point in either us or you spending all kinds of money for the first, less-overclockable stepping of a CPU we know almost none of you will buy at skyhigh prices.

By the time these things get affordable, we’re probably looking at a better, more overclockable second stepping.

But what’s considered affordable now?

It used to be that $250 was the point where people started to show interest in buying a particular processor.

That was back in ancient times, though, like a year ago. 🙂 On the AMD side, the price of their best processor has usually been nowhere near that amount recently.

Have all these prices changed your pain point? What’s the most you’ll pay now for a processor? Is it less now than it would have been a year ago?

I’m not asking you whether or not you’d buy an Intel processor at a certain price point. This question is just as applicable to any future or current AMD CPU.

If you could, drop me a note with your answers to those questions in bold. Thanks!

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