Windows 7 “Gotcha!”

A great marketing move by Microsoft.

Forget the Mac-vs-Windows ads – Microsoft’s latest marketing moves to get Windows 7 onto desktops is marketing brilliance.

First, Microsoft recognizes that XP is a much loved OS, so loved that users PAID MONEY to downgrade from Vista. Think about it – this is like people buying a car and paying a premium to get last year’s model. Recognizing that moving users to the new model will require something extra, Microsoft will bundle Windows XP in a virtual bundle so users can still use XP WITHIN Windows 7 – says a lot about XP and says a lot about what Microsoft will do to accommodate XP loyalists.

Second (this is the brilliant part) Microsoft is releasing Windows 7 RC May 5th to anyone who wants to download it – AND it will be good until June 1, 2010.

So think about this move: You get to use Windows 7 free – WITH an app to enable virtual XP – FREE for 13 months. Gratis. No cost. Just download it and run with it.

Of course the insidious part of all this is you use this for 13 months and then I guess it implodes if you don’t buy it. Think about this scenario: Millions of people get hooked on Windows 7 and then realize if they don’t pay, no more play. Brilliant!

Come May 5th, I’ll be taking advantage of this to give it a try. Meanwhile, here are some links to read before giving Windows 7 a spin:

Windows 7 Release Candidate First Impressions

Windows 7 Setup Secrets

Windows 7 Compatibility Issues

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