Kingwin XT-1264 Heatpipe Heatsink

Kingwin’s XT-1264 heatpipe heatsink tests in the topmost rank – good for aggressive cooling.

The good guys at Kingwin were nice enough to send a sample of their latest heatpipe heatsink, the XT-1264, to test out. This has four heatpipes with a dense aluminum fin array cooled with a 120 mm fan.



Key Features:

  • Four 6mm heatpipes, direct contact with CPU
  • 120 mm fan, 700 – 2300 rpm, 82 – 101 cfm, 35 – 38 dBA
  • Four pin fan connector
  • Mounts for all Intel 1366 / 755 CPUs, All AMD socket AM2 / 754 / 939 / 940
  • Weight 467 grams; Size 120 x 74 x 150 mm high


A view from the side shows a fairly dense aluminum fin array:



The view from the back shows that the fins are flat plates:



The base shows the direct contact patch of the heatpipes with the CPU case:



Mounts that ship with the heatsink include pushpin adapters for Intel CPUs – these are very simple to use and do not require removing the motherboard from the case, a real plus.




Test Results

The Kingwin XT-1264 was tested on an Asus P5WD2 motherboard with a modified Pentium D 805 to read CPU case temps while running Prime 95 with the following results:

TestDie TempAmbient TempC/W
Kingwin XT-1264

Fan noise from both 120 mm fans was measured 8″ from the fans’ intake with a Radio Shack sound meter and measured 57 dBA @ 2360 rpm; 50 dBA at this distance is very quiet 3 feet from the fan.

Test Results Kingwin’s XT-1264 in the topmost rank of heatsinks tested to date HERE. Fan noise is noticeable with the fan running at 2360 rpm; the four pin fan header makes fan moderation an easy task with motherboards equipped for PWM.

Overall a very nice product which can be used for aggressive cooling. Kingwin’s XT-1264 are available at Fry’s Electronics Stores Nationwide and


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