NZXT Phantom Case Giveaway

Win your very own NZXT Phantom case with minimal effort. All you have to do is comment on this article and you are eligible to win. This highly-acclaimed enthusiast case has been generously contributed by NZXT.

How to Enter:

1. Comment on this article using the gray button on the bottom by February 6, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Become a member of OC Forums to comment on this article.
  2. This contest is open to users in North America only. (Sorry Europe, but we will have another contest for you soon).
  3. One entry per household. Members using the same IP address will be investigated and disqualified at forum moderators’ discretion.
  4. All forums members are eligible including team members, seniors and moderators.

Features (Courtesy NZXT)

  • Maximum Compatibility: Large heatsinks, graphics and E-ATX support
  • Excellent Wire Management: Large spacing behind the motherboard provides ample space for wire routing
  • Large Expandability: Space for 7 hard drives and five 5.25″ bays
  • 7 Fan Cooling Options: Dual 200mm, single 230/200mm, triple 120mm and front 140mm
  • Innovative all-new 5.35″ screwless system
  • 3.5″/2.5″ SSD support on all 7 drive [bays]
  • Dual radiator support and quad watercooling tube cutouts on backplate.
  • Rubber PSU and case feet to reduce vibration
  • Extra large mesh holes for increased airflow
  • Five 20W per channel fan control totaling 100w
  • Top mounted USB, audio/mic and E-SATA
  • Fan LED on/off function Review

Here are our conclusions from when we reviewed this case a few months back:

For $139.99 at Newegg, this case is a steal. There was almost nothing negative to say about this product, mind you it is my job to look at these products critically. Installation was smooth, especially with screwless 5.25″ bays and thumbscrews in the expansion slots. It was also great not to have to wire up my own fan controller setup, the Phantom was already wired and ready for use. If you are in the market for a new case, the NZXT Phantom will not disappoint.


  • Durable steel construction
  • Cooling Friendly Design: four included fans, plenty of mounts for fans of different sizes, space for watercooling equipment and tubing cutouts on the back of the case
  • Mesh all over the case helps airflow, but stops dust from entering the case (included fan filters block dust as well)
  • Easy-to-mount HDD/SSD and screwless 5.25″ drives
  • Wire management holes and plenty of space to hide wires
  • Stylish, futuristic looks
  • Added value in integrated five-channel fan controller and seven fan filters


  • Drive bay door does not lock into place
  • Difficult to decipher RPM with fan controller

Overclockers Approved

Other Prizes

Two others will be chosen at random to receive a sleeved LED kit from NZXT, with adjustable brightness. The LEDs are on a flexible sleeved cable, allowing for placement throughout the case and even behind/under components, which makes this more versatile than your average cold-cathode.

Winner will be chosen at random and notified via private message on the forums. Good luck to all participants!

For more information about NZXT products, check out their facebook fan page.

- Matt Ring (mdcomp)

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m0r7if3r's Avatar
Guess I'll be the first to throw my hat in the ring!
Grnfinger's Avatar
It is a nice case
I'm in
JonSimonzi's Avatar
For some reason, I have a soft spot for white electronics.
EarthDog's Avatar
hey... thats a nice case! Im in!
Caja's Avatar
For the win.
ratbuddy's Avatar
Sure, why not.
Slogan's Avatar
in for the win!

sexy looking case
TorqueRanger's Avatar
Wow Thats a really nice case loll
S&K's Avatar
Who couldn't use a free case?
Temo Vryce's Avatar
Pick me Pick me...
dark bishop's Avatar
good looking case
Savagefrost's Avatar
I'm a big fan of NZXT stuff and would love this case.
Seebs's Avatar
Sure... I'd love a white Phantom on my desk!!! Why not.
updawg's Avatar
I am in it to win it, thanks!
DuaneS's Avatar
WOW - what a fantastic looking case - count me in... and I have a perfect place for the LED kit as well!
ChasR's Avatar
I've never paid $139 for a case, but this one sounds like it may be worth it. It is certainly worth it if I win it!
lsaddict's Avatar
What a deal!!!
David's Avatar
IP addresses checked :>
cyborg080497's Avatar
Sweet! I was looking at building a new rig with the white Phantom. This would make my job a little more wallet friendly
Xymurgy's Avatar
That is one nice looking case.
TorqueRanger's Avatar
When will we know who wins and when does it end???
hokiealumnus's Avatar
From the article and the forum post:

(I'm not entering by the way, I have cases coming out my ears and don't need another. )
Continuum28's Avatar
Here's for a new case!
fundip's Avatar
i love potatoes
EarthDog's Avatar
How is this being chosen? Random number generator via posts?
Just a nickname's Avatar
I'm in... If I get that case, I'll build a new rig 100% water cooled.
+sYnc3+'s Avatar
in it to win it!
TorqueRanger's Avatar
I know what you mean i have a squirrel cage holding my stuff lol
Xanman's Avatar
FTW, Go Flames Go
MIDI's Avatar
My new build is a multipurpose machine for gaming, business and media. The NZXT is the perfect environment.
Fennecfox's Avatar
Great product, Great Website! Thanks for the give away Overclockers!
retrogreq's Avatar
Nice looking case....ill take it off your hands
blackbelt's Avatar
Sweet case. I'm in.
olumpa1's Avatar
im in pick me
krazykraut's Avatar
Seems nice. Wish I could afford it.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Good luck everyone! Thanks for putting this together mdcomp.

I'm not entering the contest, but I am accepting bribes. $10 for every 5 replies you want deleted - improve your odds of winning today!
XC99TF00's Avatar
Seems like a good review, I'll throw my hat in the ring as well!
Volumetrik's Avatar
Nice, I'm in and good luck to you guys.
TorqueRanger's Avatar
lol You will be rich then by the time this is over and done with lol
WickyMan's Avatar
I could use a free case.
zzzzzzzzzz's Avatar
The article was interesting.

I hereby indicate my intent for entry into the contests described herewith to win NZXT Phantom Case and all other items being given away hereof, including, but not limited to, the sleeved LED kit from NZXT.
Bobnova's Avatar
I, too, want a scifi toaster case
Werndog's Avatar
I have the NZXT Tempest and would love to put my new build into this thing. I have wanted it since NZXT announced it's arrival.
psionic98's Avatar
I'm in.. pretty case and nice review.. I couldn't see myself spending 130+ on a case, but a white case would look prettier in my dining room than my stand out like a sore thumb haf!

EDIT: IMOG can throw me your PP.. I'll leave good heat for the transaction!
MaStA's Avatar
Count me in!
Insane Scyth's Avatar
That is a nice looking case, I'm in!
Mizzery's Avatar
This would be cooler than my 3 year old dell vostro I'm rocking LOL
Castael's Avatar
Awesome. I'd love to get ahold of this!
maggietobias's Avatar
Hopefully, this is mine!
SI51's Avatar
Ohhh baby what a sweet deal.
Crazy Jayhawk's Avatar
I'm a commentator! Wheeee!
bmwbaxter's Avatar
count me in this would look sweet on on my desk
Nebulous's Avatar
Ooooo, nice case! Pick me me me !!
JaY_III's Avatar
who couldnt use another case
vanibanez's Avatar
The case looks nice, and has good fan options for extra cooling.
mistahtokyo's Avatar
I'll throw my hat in the ring as well.
Jubee's Avatar
Nice case, I want it
cabanaboy38's Avatar
That is the sexiest case ever.
markolo25's Avatar
I wish i could win so that i can fit my dream sandy bridge PC for under 600 dollars.
bigdaddysky's Avatar
SHWEEET! This would be nice for a new sandy bridge gaming rig!
Knufire's Avatar
All we need to do is post? Lol. This is why OCF rules!
Yomama's Avatar
Looks like a nice case - definitely if it's free
deweylee's Avatar
Saw this case st Newegg for $100.00... $30.00 bucks off in a combo deal ,,I'm still kickin myself for not jumpin on it....
magik_missles's Avatar
Case looks very clean, almost futuristic-sterile. Reminds me of Evangelion. Big contrast from my Antec 300.
turner850's Avatar
Can't win if you don't play!

<3 Overclockers!
ThatGuy042's Avatar
Well i was about to register and I was planning on buying this exact case in a few weeks, so lets go for a 2fer!
Saaby900t's Avatar
What the hell I'm In.
Intoxic8edOne's Avatar
random comment in hopes of winning
Sephis's Avatar
Looks like an awesome case. I'd love to have one, but I'm a cheapskate. A free one would be awesome.
Lorder05's Avatar
Awesome case. I can image this on my counter replacing my half broken 902.
Theocnoob's Avatar
Hope I win the Phantom
cdragonm's Avatar
I think i drooled. This would be perfect for the stuff i just got...
Parad0x420's Avatar
It's a sexy white case.. I would love to get a free one.
omegadoom13's Avatar
Hello Overclockers! I'm a newbie, but I plan to start a new computer build later this year or early next year. I'm waiting for the release of Intel's Ivy Bridge. I have an 8 year old computer that can't hack it anymore so I have to use my sister's desktop for now. Winning this giveaway would definitely help me with the cost of a new build. If I win this, then I might start a new build earlier then expected. That's okay. Thanks Overclockers!
rollincoaster's Avatar
May as well count me in. A new case would be lovely.
Gessfk's Avatar
woo hoo, I'd love a case! Count me in!
ITNinja's Avatar
Very beautiful case!
contreras's Avatar
yeah i want that case!!!!! my pc is ugly in a cm 335 elite
mwardx2's Avatar
I could always use a new case.
savior789's Avatar
This would be a great upgrade from my three year old case
Nexai's Avatar
Sweet case! Thanks for this opportunity, I'd like to build a new machine this year and this would be a great start.
kidquick's Avatar
Would make my folding rig look sweet!
mrw1986's Avatar
Definite upgrade for me!
anonymous_user's Avatar
If I win that case, I will definitely be your biggest fan NZXT
Looney4444's Avatar
Its time to throw out that old antec 300...please let me win haha
Orion66's Avatar
Would be nice to win something off the net!
thanks for the chance..
JimmyG's Avatar
I'm up for this. Pick me.
power51's Avatar
Count me in!!!
sh4un's Avatar
Sweet lookin, and well built.
I'm in.
jefkz's Avatar
I'll try. Thanks
VballCoach's Avatar
Case looks great. I prefer aluminum and a window so I can see when I need to add h20 to my loop when needed. Still really nice!!
av8tor's Avatar
1 word....awesome !!
HousERaT's Avatar
I like the color and the air cooling.
JPC's Avatar
Sign me up.

Very cool looking case. I've had black cases for the last 4 PCs, white would certainly be a nice change.
xstayxtruex's Avatar
I'm rocking an NZXT Apollo case now, looking to actually have some space for cable management. I'm in.
tbone311's Avatar
Fan of the Phantom....
hellokitty2's Avatar
Grobo's Avatar
Case has great all around features!
ChronoCabal's Avatar
Ooooooooooooooh nice!!!
Drac's Avatar
Nice case; would look pretty good on my desk.
Dooms101's Avatar
Hmmm... lots of competition. Count me in! I think the case is pretty cool. I'd have to cut it up though

That LED strip thing actually looks pretty cool as well.
boa49's Avatar
I would like to play!
Dooms101's Avatar
Sooo, how exactly is the winner chosen? Everyone who made a comment assigned a number, and a random number generator decide's the Phantom's fate?
Abandon's Avatar
Screaming deal! Sign me up!
neulisere's Avatar
Wow, this case is sweeeeeeet! Thanks for this chance
damascusire's Avatar
this case is beyond awesome!
popswala's Avatar
I'm a big fan of NZXT with there latest stuff.
design2kill's Avatar
I am usually not a fan of white cases but thing is sweeeeeeet! I would just need to build an awesome new computer inside of it to go along with the sharp looks lol

I plan on using the tax refunds coming up to hopefully get rid of my old dinosaur pc so far :3
Mariko's Avatar
it looks so cool. very futuristic design
rrplay2003's Avatar
This case is really sharp and I like NZXT parts. Thanks & good luck all !
everythingis1's Avatar
Wow, I could win that sexy case? Nah, I don't believe it.
SilverJeep's Avatar
I couldn't quite put my finger on what it looked like, but I think you nailed it.
xsuperbgx's Avatar
I like the looks but I have never paid that much for a case.
Sojourner2's Avatar
Thanks for the opportunity to win a great case.
kensflying's Avatar
nice case ! me likey !
Aronius's Avatar
Cool, would like either prize, would be nice to have considering my chassis is falling apart lol.
@RaXxaa@'s Avatar
Can i Haz The Caze Plz
hesk's Avatar
Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.
soulheart12's Avatar
This case has always stolen my heart.
StockDC2's Avatar
Wow, awesome looking case!
wagex's Avatar
oh oh oh me meme im in would be just in time to put my new stuffs in!
mhiner's Avatar
I like ice cream...!
Wolfzre's Avatar
i want this case!
Dolk's Avatar
Just wait one diddly of a second.

Guys I've already won.
rumbl3's Avatar
In it to win it!
lunchbox311's Avatar
In, that case is sexy!
dodgers2213's Avatar
thanks to NZXT, Overclockers, and good luck to the entrants
dhoshaw's Avatar
I could always use a quality case.
dantesuper's Avatar
Brand new case ! I want it!
universeis42's Avatar
This case looks pretty good!
Khan's Avatar
I'm in, heard it was a pretty decent case.
Deathhorse's Avatar
Im in

i have seen it at frys and thought it would look WAY better under my desk.
Bakercake's Avatar
I'm in. Case looks sick.
Black C5 Z06's Avatar
Man, I'd love to have a new case!

Thanks for putting this on, O/C!!
MonsterSound's Avatar
Looks great, although I've grown tired of cases with doors. NZXT Tempest EVO style works for me.
Slade122's Avatar
looks cool, need a better case for my old pc anyway!
werty316's Avatar
That is one sweet lookin' case!
JustChill's Avatar
Looks good and the airflow design looks promising.
dz_jad's Avatar
Oooo. Count me in!
diehrd's Avatar
I may not get the case but if this was a critical review you should have really dumped rads in it and hooked it up showing ease of use or not and then rated the case. I feel short changed with the review !~!~!~!~!~!
Elfman's Avatar
This case looks pretty cool! I like the screwless cases. In for the win!
Jakey's Avatar
In the words of donkey from Shrek... "oh me, me pick me!"
Dooms101's Avatar
Yeah I am really wondering how I'd stuff my rad in there.
astroboy508's Avatar
Always room for a new case!
snowbrdd's Avatar
maybe a 20 post minimum would be better. thats not spam
Vortaku's Avatar
I'm in for a free case.
Pwn'd's Avatar
That case... is beautiful
Elite47's Avatar
This case looks incredible. I've actually been looking for a new case for my new build. Something that will replace my NZXT Zero. Great job guys, this site is awesome
jstutman's Avatar
Its BEAUTIFUL! with Caps lol
davidm71's Avatar
sign me up please!
pharow89's Avatar
I'm in, this case is so sweet.
Scotty21's Avatar
Wow what a case, that is bad a**. looks like something out of TRON or Starwars. Hats off to whoever came up with that design. Keep up the awesome design. Thanks to this site for giving us all an opportunity to win this case.

HvegasCowboy's Avatar
Who couldn't use a free case!!!!!!
Jorlain's Avatar
Free stuff? Count me in!

It's my birthday on the 1st...
Kyushiza's Avatar
I would love to have this case, it'd really help out since I'm short on money for a decent processor.
bravokiloromeo's Avatar
If I won this, I'd replace my Raven RV02 so I could watercool. I love my Raven, but WCing it going to be a little difficult I think.
kraven's Avatar
I've been eyeballing this case for a long time. I've read the review here, watched the demo on Newegg, all that. I just wish that I had the money when it was on sale at Newegg for $99 with free shipping. Here's hoping!
samurai7's Avatar
these cases are beautiful. I hope I can get one of these some day to build my next rig in.

itsmeSchmitty's Avatar
I think i should "test" this case to make sure its good enough
Sansa's Avatar
Beautiful case, if I can win this, I'll give it to my friend who is currently saving up for a new case and wants to move his htpc to a tower case. He wanted something sweet, I think this counts ^_^
Ricardemis's Avatar
I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!
Prime's Avatar
Almost missed this. I love my Tempest, and itd be cool to have thisfor my new rig!
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Guys; enough. This is a front page and forum contest. Not all people that read the front page are/were forum members and not all forum members read the front page. This is for both of them.

Not only that, but this could bring more people to our forum, and indeed it already has. Seeing posts whining that they don't have a lot of posts isn't a great way to present the forum to them and convince them to stick around. From here out, any whiny posts like that (which means your entry as well) will be deleted.

All posts whining prior to this one will be edited. If their sole purpose was to complain, they were deleted.

On a positive note, welcome to all the newcomers!! It's great to have you joining our community.

Old H-Ware Tech's Avatar
This is a really nice case. I like the integrated fan controller, and it has a kind of "Star Wars" look. Overall I like.
Prunecandy's Avatar
il take this. my scout is cramped
normalicy's Avatar
Sweet case. Love the white. Would also love to win it.
flodubba's Avatar
This could be a good opportunity for a chance to build my first. Good luck to everyone!
Darthrui's Avatar
i am entering the giveaway for the awsome case
BonGr's Avatar
Really sharp looking case. Would make a very nice base for a build. Count me in.
Evochuck's Avatar
I realy like this case, been contemplating it for a while, might pick up if I dont win!
Xenohitsu's Avatar
Reminds me of Wall-E. Cool looking.
Unoriginal's Avatar
cool looking case
Bakedbean's Avatar
Indeed a pretty case. But what about Aus? It's kinda America :P
iskatefast's Avatar
Would make a great starting point for my next build!
kenbooth77's Avatar
I want this case so I can look cool like this guy
nohbudi's Avatar
ooooooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaahhh
pwnmachine's Avatar
Wow this is awesome! I have always loved the look of the Phantom.
FixedgearIain's Avatar
Tossing my vote in!
Could use a new case for a build I have planned for my girlfriend!

silat's Avatar
Darth Vader would be proud of this case
vladman1966's Avatar
I could use a better case, since my Corsair 600T "creaks".
theClub's Avatar
That case would look good on my desk. I hope I win!
jiccman1965's Avatar
Great looking case wish I had one.........
Chaosmachine420's Avatar
It would be nice to have a another case to put my old computer back together for a friend.
MARK0325's Avatar
would love it,looking to build a new computer anyway!
gargant's Avatar
Oh men. I need one of these. Freaking awesome setup with it.
vontreigo's Avatar
nice case... does it come in black?
Gger102867's Avatar
Looks like a solid case to build a nice system. Wish case measurement specs were there though.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Measurements can be found on NZXT's site. Click on the "Specs" tab about 1/2 way down the page.
tool_462's Avatar

I actually want the LED kit more than the case since I won't try to justify spending $1,000 to fill it up
Tokae's Avatar
Niiice! I need to build a 2nd rig!
pinky33's Avatar
girlfriend likes the case and she could need a new gaming rig.
bigjim21's Avatar
i will give it a try... its a pretty nice case
Ryanml00's Avatar
Please me!! looking to start building a computer and this case looks sexy!! i like the white with that blue!!
DaveHCYJ's Avatar
Posting here, because I'm a sucker for free stuffs.
Aco-Design's Avatar
Great Case Im in.
Xaotic's Avatar
Looks like a nice case and supports EATX.
chipmunk's Avatar
I am starting a new system, and I want this to be the heart of it.
krunch berries's Avatar
i've been a long time observer of the site but finally decided to sign up when i saw this. Good luck to all and congrats to whoever gets it!
Phelix08's Avatar
Love the phantom, especially white
tecben's Avatar
I never win anything....but today is a new day!
Tomsawyer's Avatar
Very nice case!

Just bought a haf-x but you can never have enough cases
Daemonkin's Avatar
You know you guys feel sorry for me and my thermaltake case.
Robert17's Avatar
I've got the Phantom (black). The winner will be VERY pleased. Extremely easy to work in. Enough features to keep you grinning.
TheGreySpectre's Avatar
Looks like a nice case
VNM's Avatar
I literally have this in my newegg cart right now. Maybe I will be able to take it out
Oneluv's Avatar
Im cool so put me in so I can win I guess
die hard's Avatar
Hmm... this definitely looks like a sweet case. I'm currently rocking a tiny little case from the 90s that came with a pre-built pentium III pc. I've currently got a core 2 duo but as you can imagine it gets REALLY hot. I need to upgrade but I'm in college and money is tight. I think I might go buy a cheaper one if the opportunity opens up.
nflavour's Avatar
It's a super case and I hope I win!
Me wants!
but I never win anything
kovboi's Avatar
nice case. looks like a stormtrooper.
Nagora's Avatar
Looks so futuristic! awesome job
messara's Avatar
Me likey! I want!
scratch17's Avatar
I found Overclockers doing research for a new build.

As the title says, a new case would be nice.

The article seems to cover all of the bases, but one:
Where is the PSU mounted, top or bottom?

hokiealumnus's Avatar
Bottom; see the installed photo from the end of the review.
doug80638's Avatar
I've been reading OC for years. Might as well sing up for the forums!

Dooms101's Avatar
Would this fit a 120.3 rad up top? I am considering this case... it looks awesome, and I bet I could fit a 120.2 on the bottom or in front...
doz's Avatar
You can fit anything with a dremel, holesaw, and snips I had a 2x120 and 3x120 setup on my Antec 300
M3dley's Avatar
me likey free stuff is always fun!
SPL KID's Avatar
not a bad price I expected it to cost alot more after seeing the picture!
jaganlee123's Avatar
I've been looking for a case that had both functionality and good looks at the same time. The majority of the cases I've seen on the market looks too flash which resembles a supped up Honda with neon lights instead of sleak looking Audi R8 which the case reminds me of.
RaresTG's Avatar
That would be awesome.
NutshelLS's Avatar
Sweet...i come here looking for guidance on oc'ing my first ever build, and i get a chance to win an awesome case, too!
KronoVang's Avatar
i could use that for my next build choose me!
noffsinger's Avatar
I already own one NZXT Case, Model # 8E-GANL1-UGB.
It is a terrific case with wind tunnel airflow.
I would certainly be ecstatic if I won this beautiful case!!
Shawntt1's Avatar
I would really like that case, cannot afford a new one .
jellonator's Avatar
I want to be a Stormtropper!
fundip's Avatar
yeah, a storm trooper or you could slap an american flag on it and it would look like the space shuttle.
Angry's Avatar
Its definitly time for an upgrade...maybe this would help scratch that itch.
jack222's Avatar
Nice case...
snowbrdd's Avatar
I'm guessing its over now?
checkeredhat09's Avatar
awwww sweet! I love this case...count me in!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
From the first post and the article:

TorqueRanger's Avatar
The Winner is ??????
Dooms101's Avatar
I want to know tooooo
Ironsmack's Avatar
Is this only available for us residents only or can some canucks enter too?

If so, im in!

pffft...nvm, im late
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Entries closed last night, thank you everyone for joining! We'll randomly draw the winner and announce ASAP!
brown_dog's Avatar
Cool this case is sick
Black C5 Z06's Avatar
Have y'all gotten the winner chosen yet?????
hokiealumnus's Avatar
The winner has been contacted. Last contest we ran, we went through three different winners that never contacted us back and had to edit our published congratulatory post several times. We're avoiding that little annoyance for the contest participants this time.

If you haven't been contacted yet, you're not the winner unless this one never responds to our inquiries. Sorry for the suspense, we hope he/she will respond soon and the announcement can be posted.
fusionlore's Avatar
Day late and a dollar short! Congrats to the winner
Dooms101's Avatar
Awww I hope they dont... errr... do respond
1slobalt12's Avatar
Beautiful case, i already own one
snowbrdd's Avatar
Darn, I wish i was the winner.
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Sorry HaVoK C89, this one's over.

To all, thank you very much for playing. The winner can be seen on the front page announcement here.

With that, closing this thread to stave off further confusion. Additional comments can be made in the comment thread of the winner announcement post.
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