Overclockers Benching Party I: The Lineup

We are a few days away from our first Overclockers.com Team Benching Party. 720 Liters of Liquid Nitrogen, a dozen overclockers, and a mountain of hardware… Sounds like a party alright!

On the evening of Friday, November 19th, the festivities and overclocking begin. We aim to get started at roughly 5PM CST (6PM EST), while the Overclockers.com Livestream channel will be broadcasting live from the event by 7PM CST (8PM EST). Viewers can watch the Livestream video, chat with viewers and attendees, and follow the twitter timeline of the event from Overclockers’ Live! Currently recorded team videos are looping on the channel, but at 7PM CST (8PM EST) Nov 19th, it will cut over to live video and audio coverage of the party. Tune in and join us for the fun throughout the entire weekend!

In theĀ previous announcement of the event we left a lot of information out, but today I will give you all the juicy details:

The Lineup

Here is the official lineup of benchers. Each one of these benchers will be having face time, showing off their skills with their hardware. As each individual takes the stage throughout the weekend, announcements will be made on Overclockers’ Live directing you to the action! This impressive lineup includes participants in worldwide overclocking competitions, Forums Wars champions and some of the most-skilled overclockers on the planet.

Username OC Forums Join Date Overclockers.com Articles Hwbot Global/Team Rank
Dolk March 3, 2008 6 Articles 2011/38
EarthDog Dec. 15, 2008 19 Articles 1796/35
Dejo Nov. 11, 2001 N/A 242/3
Brolloks Dec. 26, 2006 1 Article 199/2 (Team Captain)
Icebob Jan. 25, 2008 1 Article 164/N/A
Moocow May 14, 2003 N/A 457/10
Xoke June 16, 2010 1 Article 808/16
Voidn April 24, 2009 N/A 284/5
M0r7if3r June 17, 2010 1 Article 3969/81
KonaKona Nov. 25, 2008 4 Articles 1301/25
I.M.O.G. Nov. 12, 2002 24 Articles N/A

Goodies from Gigabyte and Corsair

Thanks to the generosity of some top enthusiast hardware manufacturers, the overclockers will have various products donated to test out. Gigabyte is sending over several motherboards, including the P55A-UD7 (reviewed here) and X58A-UD3R (reviewed here). Corsair is helping to power some of this hardware by sending their top of the line PSU, the AX1200 (reviewed at jonnyGURU).

Thank You Gigabyte!

Thank You Gigabyte!

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

NVIDIA GTX 580 (Courtesy Gigabyte)

NVIDIA GTX 580 (Courtesy Gigabyte)

Corsair AX1200 Power Supply (Courtesy Corsair)

Corsair AX1200 Power Supply (Courtesy Corsair)

The Hardware

Here is what you guys have been waiting for. This is not going to be a lame show here folks. We have some of the best hardware lined up for the event. Most of the benchers will be using their own hardware, while others will share to create a perfect combination.

CPUs GPUs Motherboards

  • 10x Cedar Mills
  • Wolfdale E5400
  • Wolfdale E6600
  • Core 2 Duo E8300
  • Core 2 Duo E8500
  • Core 2 Duo E8600
  • 2x Core 2 Quad Q6600
  • Core 2 Quad Q9550
  • i5 650
  • i5 661
  • i5 670
  • 4x i7 920
  • 2x i7 930
  • i7 950
  • i7 960
  • 2x i7 980X
  • Xeon W3570
  • Xeon W3680
  • ~7GHz Celeron


  • Sempron 140
  • Athlon 250
  • Phenom II 555
  • 2x Phenom II 555BE
  • Phenom II 655 BE
  • Phenom II 940
  • Phenom II TWKR
  • 4x Thuban 1090T BE

  • GeForce 9800GX2
  • 4x 8800 GTS
  • 3x GTX 275
  • 3x GTX 480
  • 3x GTX 470
  • 3x GTX 580


  • HD 4550
  • 2x HD 4890
  • HD 5830
  • 3x HD 5870
  • X1950 Pro

  • Asus Commando (Volt-Modded)
  • Asus P6T Deluxe
  • Asus Rampage II Extreme
  • 2x Asus Rampage III Extreme
  • Asus Rampage Extreme X48
  • DFI p45 T2RS Plus
  • Gigabyte H55-UD2
  • Gigabyte X58-UD7
  • Gigabyte X58A-UD3
  • Gigabyte X58A-UD7
  • EVGA X58 SLI Classified E762


  • Asus Crosshair III
  • Asus Crosshair IV
  • Gigabyte 890-FXA-UD5

That is a lot of hardware. Considering there are 11 benchers for the event, it’s going to be kinda hard to work on all of these. Never fear, we will make sure that all of this hardware gets tortured and then made into tiny key chains or rifle targets during the event.

To cool all of this hardware down and for the benchers to work their hardest to obtain the goals they have set for themselves. We have on order, 720 L of liquid nitrogen. That is enough LN2 to keep Han Solo frozen harder than carbonite for a week.

Watch Live

There will be live streaming video channels up for this event, as we mentioned in our last announcement. To make sure you do not miss a thing, the links to each of the livestreams are below.

As a reminder, we will not get started until approximately 5:00 PM CST. From there on, it will be on for close to the entirety of the weekend. Yes, that does mean there will be a couple of us working on hardware in the wee hours of the morning. To make sure you guys do not miss anything, all scores and summaries will be posted on Overclockers.com, with shorter updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Overclockers’ Live – This will be the main stage for the event, active throughout the weekend. Stay tuned here for the status on all live video coverage – this stage shows the main floor of the event, and will also announce activity on the Overclockers’ Joe and Skip channels below.

Overclockers’ Joe – This stage will be focused on a closeup exhibition of a specific benchmarking station. Watch the LN2 be poured, the temps drop, and the MHz increase!

Overclockers’ Skip – Exactly like Overclockers’ Joe, but highlighting a 2nd specific benchmarking station. Both will highlight closeup action of the event.

For more live updates during the event:

We hope to see you there! For now, have fun overclocking and good luck!

- Dolk

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I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Can't wait to get into town and meet you guys face to face - we are in to have a blast this weekend! Thank you Corsair and Gigabyte for your support of the hardware community!
Bobnova's Avatar
IMOG you need to bench more and officially join the team

I'd really like to be going to this. Next time maybe!
dejo's Avatar
also there is no mention of the 3-4 gtx 580's that will get spanked.

other than that it looks like a great read. thanks
mdcomp's Avatar
Looking forward to creepily watching you all from my living room. Have a blast guys!

I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Fixed, thanks! Hard to keep up with all the hardware.
Deathhorse's Avatar
I wanna see how those dual cores pan out.
Brolloks's Avatar
Gotta replace that sorry pic with a combined shot of all the hardware that will be there on Friday, it will be an unbelievable sight I tell you
Khemikal's Avatar
Really looking forward to watching you guys this weekend. Sorry I can't make it this year. Going to do everything I can to make it next time though. Good luck guys!
GT240's Avatar

This is what I have been longing for!

Great job Dolk!
Radeon28's Avatar
Any chance the livestreams will be recorded? I gotta work during the broadcast hours...
hokiealumnus's Avatar
Typically they auto-record through livestream.
m0r7if3r's Avatar
I think the way it works is it encodes them and makes them available once the stream is stopped.
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
We have several people in attendance who have Livestreamed previously, and we'll be ensuring the entire weekend's activity is streamed live as well as recorded.

Between refilling and delivering LN2 for the benchers, I'll be taking as many pictures as I'm able, releasing updates on Overclockers' Live, as well as compiling highlights so those who can't attend the broadcast from home can still catch the articles on the homepage and watch the recordings as the weekend progresses and anytime there after!

Forum members or anyone who registers to the forums who would like to receive a reminder about the event's kickoff can do so here:

Anyone who would like a reminder without registering for the forums can click on the "Remind Me" button above the video here:
icebob's Avatar
Do you know Matt that the LN2 runners have to wear bikini?
ChanceCoats123's Avatar
I had no idea I was knocking on Dolk's door like I am. I need to get down to business after I get my new pot and some chips to play with.
EarthDog's Avatar
Sooooo, can we have name tags or name cards at the party so I can remember people's names please? Thats going to be a mess for me, Im terrible at remembering names.
icebob's Avatar
I fart a lot so just with the smell you'll remember!!!!
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Could have told me that sooner, I already had my chaps laid out... Now I have to repack!
repilce's Avatar
Aw man what good times.. I'll wont miss this..!
m0r7if3r's Avatar
IMOG in his bikini?!
dylskee's Avatar
Wish I was still part of the team, this sounds like it's going to be an awesome time! I'll be tuning in for sure, it will be nice to put some faces to the user names. Good luck guys and don't burn anything down!
cold.nut's Avatar
i will be there for every "world record breaking" moment!

this is going to be so fun!
icebob's Avatar
world record is as taboo as stable!!!!
xoke's Avatar
This, never say the WR word.
cold.nut's Avatar
hey, i just got confidence in some high numbers!

cause i know that we are capable of it!
KonaKona's Avatar
Possibly a 9800 GTX with that as well.
EarthDog's Avatar
Coldnuts, did u get ur 10 benches taken care of yet?
cold.nut's Avatar
yeah but no submissions til this weekend.

jump drive is out of the house.

its alright though, i finally found some successful scores!
xoke's Avatar
Riddle me this bench team...if by chance I found myself in a micro center...and if by chance I get to abuse one of those p55 mobos...what CPU would I want for max biontage?
jaymz9350's Avatar
Being no expert I'd have to say (by checking submissions on the bot) that an i5 670 would be the best bet (highest submissions of available processors since the i3 530 isn't sold there anymore as far as I know). It would also be good for wprime 2x globals.
dejo's Avatar
the thing with the clarkdales, they are so varied. you get 530's that do 6ghz on dice and you get 661's that do 5200 on dice, but can easily be the other way around. sadly its a crap shoot just like the rest. the best bet is the 670. the one that I have a got to 5889 and think Edmund had it to 6ghz on dice.
ChinStrap's Avatar
720L of LN2.

moocow's Avatar
Think we're going to need more megahurtz for all this ln2.
EarthDog's Avatar
I have decided to bring the w3570. After some testing showed 4.4Ghz @ 1.37 load volts w/HT (P95 Small FFT for an hour) that bad boy needs to get chilly. Thing is, I cant afford to kill it so I have to be careful with her or I lose a wife. haha!
moocow's Avatar
Maybe killing it wouldn't be such a bad thing after all
EarthDog's Avatar
You said that, not me!!! haha!
xoke's Avatar
I heart that Zeon.
m0r7if3r's Avatar
Earthdog, is it out of warranty?
EarthDog's Avatar
No clue (bought it off ebay, OEM). But if I kill it under LN2 or overclocking, Im not returning it, thats bad joojoo man...
I.M.O.G.'s Avatar
Airgas just called. T minus 20 minutes until LN2 delivery. T minus 60 minutes until dejo starts getting harassed to post pictures for us.
EarthDog's Avatar
Fixed. We are an impatient group.

m0r7if3r's Avatar
fixed for real! What if they deliver early!!!
Deathhorse's Avatar
I was just laughing about the same thought
Bobnova's Avatar
And that's only half of it!
xoke's Avatar
I'm in Tyler, I can smell the Ln2...smells like, victory.
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