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Ho, Ho, Ho

Not even Santa’s safe nowadays. No, they haven’t found anthrax in letters to the North Pole quite yet. More like folks coming up with a pimp interpretation of Santa’s message: “‘ho, ‘ho, ‘ho.” There seems to be almost frantic desperation Read More

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The Upcoming CPU Glut

I’ve mentioned this before, but I thought it a good idea for you to hear it from Jerry Sanders’ mouth. All comments from AMD’s 2001 Third Quarter Conference Call. The complete transcript can be found at its manual “. . Read More

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AK31, Not Quite A 47: Part I

Don’t Expect A Terrier to Become A Greyhound With A Different Handler Most reviews nowadays throw a ton of benchmarking numbers at you and think that’s a review. Sometimes that’s a good idea. Sometimes it’s not. We’ll provide numbers in Read More