A Page Worth Saving

If you get into AMD/Intel arguments, here is a page worth saving for future reference.

You ought to save it for two reasons:

  • The site restricts articles more than three days old to paid members only, so grab it right away and
  • This page lists simply and succinctly who has had what percentage of marketshare for desktop, notebook and server CPUs, both by year (2006 and 2007) and by quarter (from 4Q 2006, probably AMD’s best quarter, to the present).

    There is a small error in the charts, though, the third chart is actually for notebook CPUs, not servers.

    You’ll see that AMD generally does best on the desktop, rather less well for notebooks, and while they made considerable strides in the server market in 2006, they had a considerable setback in 2007.

    Too often these days, statistics are abused. One way to do that is to put them in isolation. You don’t get a true sense of what a number means unless you can compare it to others of its kind, and this page lets you do that.


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