Willamette/Rambus 2383

There’s a report out there saying that AMD has removed the pins on the CPUs that make multiplier adjustments possible.

This needs to be first confirmed.

Should that be the case, the only hopes for overclocking will be FSB overclocking (which hasn’t been too good as of yet) or extreme modification of CPU/motherboards.

Today AMD, Tomorrow Intel

If AMD pulls this off, rest assured Intel will do the same shortly. All Intel has to do is jimmy around with the FSB like AMD had Via do. They already have the multiplier lock. They won’t have to worry about people going over to AMD, AMD’s given them cover.

No more overclocking.

We’re not going to suggest what you should do right now, but this weekend, you should think about what overclocking means to you, and what you’re willing to do to defend it.

Should this prove to be the case, we are going to have to get ALL overclockers to raise as much a stink as possible in the places where it will hurt AMD the most. The media. The stock analysts and the stock forums. Maybe even make some noise at a shareholder’s meeting or two.

Are you willing to do that? Or are you afraid?

In the past, relatively few have responded to our requests to even send an email to a place like AMD.

Will you now? Or will you be afraid and let them take your hobby away from you? That’s what they’re counting on, you know. They expect you to just take it.

Will you?

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