This Looks To Be The One

Got this email from Chiz Ow (he’s also posted much the same in some forums):

Ed, this chip looks to be a winner. I’m running right now at 2430mhz @ 1.85
VCore on air (13×187), but only had a chance to run 3dmark a few times.
However, no artifacting, no stuttering, no signs of instability.

I still think this chip has room. I could never get past 172mhz with my
Samsung True with my Tbred A 1700+, but it sprint past the 180mhz no sweat.
My temps are looking good too, 95F/99F from a thermal diode touching the
side of the core off a Lian-Li TC-3 thermal bay.

Its OOS at Newegg now, but I think this chip is a winner. I don’t recall an
AMD chip with this much headroom at this price/performance level in some
time, possibly ever (maybe the AXIA 1ghz).

Gonna run some more stresses at 2430 and then try going higher.

These numbers are in line with what people have been getting with 2400+ or better, and
significantly better than what the “J” version of the TBredB is getting.

For the moment, Newegg is out of stock, but certainly by the end of the week, we should have
more than a few reports on these chips. I got two more reports of codes, and again, they were AIUHB week 48 CPUs.

This is probably where the action is going to be for a while. This is probably what many of you have been waiting for. Yes, Barton would be better,
but it may be quite some time after introduction before they reach this price level.

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