AMD Confirms Kaveri Will Show Up Only in 2014

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Our colleagues at VR-Zone have managed to obtain a statement from AMD regarding the availability of upcoming APU codenamed Kaveri. According to the comment from AMD, Kaveri will not be available to the public in late 2013 as originally expected. Even though spokespersons from AMD had said earlier, roadmaps at hand, that Kaveri was coming in the second half of 2013, the new part is now expected to show up in retail in early Q1 2014.

Here’s the statement made by AMD regarding the launch:

AMD’s ‘Kaveri’ high-performance APU remains on track and will start shipping to customers in Q4 2013, with first public availability in the desktop component channel very early in Q1 2014.

‘Kaveri’ features up to four ‘Steamroller’ x86 cores, major heterogeneous computing enhancements, and a discrete-level Graphics Core Next (GCN) implementation – AMD’s first high-performance APU to offer GCN. ‘Kaveri’ will be initially offered in the FM2+ package for desktop PCs.

Mobile ‘Kaveri’ products will be available later in the first half of 2014.

The upcoming APU will be, by any measure, the most powerful of its kind on the market at time of launch. It will be bringing with it a lot of firsts for AMD: the first showing of Steamroller high-performance CPU cores, first desktop APU with Graphics Core Next GPU architecture and first performance chip built on 28nm manufacturing process for the company. Kaveri is undoubtedly featuring a lot of improvements over its predecessors and AMD is probably betting a lot on its success. The matter of it being delayed is amplified by AMD’s long history of delays the company has and their recent financial troubles.

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